Top 10 Educational TV Shows That Are Actually Informative

Television is a powerful and indispensable medium for education. Given the significant impact on the audience, availability, and mass communication of broadcasting, TV has long been used as a schooling tool. Also, check out this post if you are looking for a legit essayhub promo code for students.

Educational shows and channels are devoted to different topics — science, technology, history, nature, and so on. If you need to write an essay on different topics, click on this link:

Structured and accessible to the audience of different ages, informative TV not only entertains but also gives and enhances knowledge. Let’s take a look at the ten best recent educational TV shows for children, college students, and adults.

1. Beakman’s World

The premiere of the show took place back in 1992. Within a few years, it reached its peak of popularity not only in the USA but also in almost 90 countries around the world. This show used to make complicated science easy for understanding thanks to some bizarre and fancy antics of Beakman and his giant lab rat Lester. The host of the show, Paul Zaloom, still reprises his role as an eccentric scientist in live performances. The show was awarded numerous prizes for creativity and educational significance.

2. Destination Truth

This show has been popular among curious people of all ages since its release in June 2007. The constant presenter Josh Gates embarks on exciting journeys to the most remote places of the Earth to find out the truth about local legends and myths. In this adventure series, we are engaged in discovering mysterious places and meeting supernatural beings. The host is not always able to find answers, but he is trying to do everything possible so that the truth is finally revealed for the audience. Currently, the show has the highest ratings among educational programs.

3. Drive Thru History

The show Drive Thru History, created by ColdWater Media, is a fascinating, dynamic, and content-rich historical show which focuses on ancient civilizations, the rise of religions, the discovery of new lands, and world-changing past events. To date, 54 episodes have been released with presenter Dave Stotts. The series is acclaimed because it encourages reflections on unusual topics without overlooking the entertainment side of it all.

4. The Electric Company

This is a modern version of the famous educational show for children, which was popular in the 1970s. The hosts are a group of four friends who protect the neighborhood from aliens, pranksters, and intruders. The presenters have a special skill — they can use a blue, magical ball for writing words on any surface. The show is fun and informative for kids. In a laid-back manner, the program gives a lot of useful things to the younger generation.

5. How It’s Made?

Discovery Channel is always ready to treat us to a lot of mind-blowing knowledge about ordinary stuff. “How does it work and how it’s made?” — you might be asking yourself, and this show will get you comprehensive answers to all your questions. Nothing is better for curious minds than a detailed study of something unusual. You will learn a lot about the production of various items of our daily use. This show offers fascinating tours of factories, where you will find out how everything is produced.

6. Man vs. Wild

This interactive show hosted by the British traveler Bear Grylls allows viewers to journey with him to the wildest and most challenging places on our planet, searching for knowledge and, of course, surviving. Each time Bear Grylls goes on a trip to a new spot, be it the jungle, a desert, or the snow-capped mountains. He always uses boy-scout fundamentals — what to do, what to eat, and where to sleep. The two main features of this show are a specific destination and interactivity. The audience is involved in what is happening on the screen and is constantly tense, and praying that the host completes the mission and escapes certain death.

7. Modern Marvels

This show is for those who are fond of discoveries and inventions made by humanity. From architecture to modern gadgets, you can learn about the history of every great achievement. The program focuses on how a particular technology is used in contemporary society and how it influences our lives. The first broadcast took place on January 1, 1995, and its last episode went on air on April 11, 2015. In total, more than 650 hours of video was recorded, and this show is still making a mark on the audience.

8. MythBusters

In this fantastic show, the two presenters, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage test various common and widespread myths, as well as try to confirm or bust them in real life. It’s also exciting that the two hosts worked on several well-known projects, including the Star Wars prequels.

The idea of creating a science-based show for experimentally testing popular misconceptions, urban legends, and scenes from Hollywood movies belongs to producer Peter Rhys. This show has become the longest-running program in the history of the Discovery Channel. Unfortunately, it has already come to an end, but you can always watch the past episodes on the Internet.

9. National Geographic Shows

This TV project was created in cooperation with the National Geographic Society and News Corporation. Until 2019, the name was abbreviated to Nat Geo Wild, and after that, it became National Geographic Wild. Over 200 documentary series and 780 specials were made on various topics – cars, animals, tornadoes, national parks, the FBI, and much more.

Various genres are exploited in the series, including insider reports, documentaries, and reality shows. One of the series’ called The Wild Kingdom was narrated by Charles Dance, the Game of Thrones actor. This program has received many awards for documentary work, and it has a boatload of positive reviews from viewers.

10. TED Talks

This is a collection of engaging videos that cover a wide range of topics. The TED Company has been creating educational and entertaining content since 1984, choosing the most exciting issues and innovative ideas. To date, more than 400 series have already been released. All of them are devoted to completely different subjects. For example, the first shows were about the newly released Macintosh, Sony PlayStation, the fractal geometry of Benoit Mandelbrot, and a new model of artificial intelligence by Marvin Minsky.

This program has been awarded a dozen US and international prizes. The TED project is used as an example and an inspiration by many people in different countries for organizing independent conferences and events.

Aside from these educational TV shows, another great way to improve the academic performance of your kids is by letting them play word games.