Top 10 Areas Where Tempered Glass Is Recommended Over Ordinary Glass


Tempered glass is significantly different than “annealed” glass. Glass that is tempered is approximately four times stronger than ordinary one making it a preferred choice when health and safety are at risk. Tempered glass undergoes a different process of manufacturing than annealed glass; and through this process, the glass becomes much sturdier and less likely to break. Windows that haven’t been tempered will shatter quite easily, fragment into fractured flakes that are nearly impossible to clean up. Glass that is tempered doesn’t shatter easily and can be customized in use. Check out some of the staircase ideas where premium types of glasses are utilized to enhance the aesthetic and the durability of staircases.  With design options that permit frosted effects, etching, patterns, or tempered-stained glass, customers can get exactly what they want and feel more confident that it will last for years to come.

Ideal Places Where Tempered Glass Is Highly Recommended

1. Large Windows in Home or Offices

Large Windows in Home or Offices

Tempered glass is recommended to use for larger windows because if it can fit a person through it— you don’t want it breaking easily. Floor to ceiling windows look fantastic in a sunroom or offices with a great view of the city, however, larger windows are more susceptible to damage because of their size. Tempered glass windows are scratch-resistant and crystal clear, so you can still enjoy the scenery.

2. Table Tops And Counter Tops

Elegant and sophisticated pieces with glass elements are breathtaking but might not seem very practical. Glass table tops can maintain their appeal longer because of its powerful tempered design. Don’t stress too much about dishes scratching the glass on your countertops or the dinner table. The tempered or toughened glass becomes so durable in the process of converting simple glass into toughening glass so the durability of tempered glass means the product is made to last and can handle more than an annealed glass product.

3. Kid’s Room

If you have kids, you know— they break things. Part of learning is testing limits, and whether it’s your patience or their bedroom window, you can bet something will break. Not only do we recommend tempered glass in kid’s bedrooms for the benefit of the parent’s wallet, but also concerning the child’s safety. A window that hasn’t been tempered will shatter and can potentially harm the child. Protect your child and your home by choosing tempered.

4. As a Sneeze Guard on the Reception Counters and Tables

A product that is recently gaining more attention and becoming more essential are sneeze guards. These large panels of glass protect staff from customers from germs and physical harm. The nearly invisible barrier allows employees and customers to interact seamlessly while maintaining a safe distance. Because the glass is scratch-resistant and crystal clear there’s minimal obstruction during communication. The glass can’t be defamed easily, but with regular cleaning will remain smudge and sneeze-free. A perfect solution for in-class school instruction, or in any retail environment.

5. As a Storefront Glass

Most storefronts or display presentations are meant to attract the eye of passerby’s foot traffic. To minimize the risk of vandalism, damage to displays, or merchandise, tempered glass is strongly recommended to use. The heat-resistant material can handle the heat from powerful studio lighting and the sun. Scratch-resistant means the glass remains crystal-clear longer. Keep the customer’s eye on the product instead of scratches or chips in storefront glass.

6. Commercial Places and other High-rise Buildings

Office buildings and skyscrapers are typically made with tons of glass, and why not? The views are one of a kind. Scraping the sky gets riskier, the higher a building reaches. These buildings typically feature massive size of glass use that put people at risk in the office. A faulty glass can break or shatter, causing injury and potentially death. We recommend tempered glass windows in large buildings for several reasons. These windows are engineered to withstand significantly more pressure than typical glass windows or other glass fixtures.

7. Office Partitions

Cubicles don’t have to be boring or secluding. Create an office partition that is inviting, attractive, and stylish. Tempered glass solutions can be customized to fit your individual needs. Opt for a half-glass partition that allows employees to remain aware of their surroundings and their cohorts without sacrificing their personal workspace. The tempered glass design affords the strength and durability recommended for indoor environments with the added benefit of safety for the employees.

8. Staircase and Deck Railings

For a modern and updated look in a hotel, or home setting tempered glass railings offer style and sophistication. The look and feel of these fixtures instantly elevate the setting. Railings are practical to use every day, therefore they need to be strong and durable. If health and safety is a concern, the solution is simple— choose tempered.

9. Solar Panel Protection

We recommend tempered glass for solar panels because their responsible for turning the sun’s light and heat into energy. This requires the glass to be able to withstand high temperatures and pressure from the sun every day. These panels also sit on top of your roof. As the seasons change, the solar panels have to be able to maintain their integrity. Tempered glass solar panels are honestly the only way to go when choosing solar energy.

10. Display Cabinets In Luxury Stores

Any time a vendor needs to display high-quality products like watches or luxury jewelry they’ll need high-quality glass cabinetry. Regular glass display cases leave shop owners vulnerable to theft. Tempered glass display cabinets provide that extra layer of security. The products are stored securely inside the display cabinet without any obstruction for the customer. The cabinets are tough, easy to clean, and won’t shatter like annealed glass.

Advantages of Tempered Glass Applications

Compared to regular glass, tempered glass is far more durable and has a higher resistance to bending. Since it is the safest glass on the market, there are numerous of them. As it breaks, it leaves behind harmless, round pebble-like fragments rather than dangerous glass shards. Due to its scratch resistance and durability, this glass is ideal for interior doors, commercial windows, and partitions. For this reason, tempered glass is typically used for glass walls in offices. In general, heat can break regular glasses into deadly shards. Tempered glass can tolerate high temperatures without experiencing any issues because to the manufacturing process. As a result, shower enclosures now frequently feature tempered clear glass.

Tempered glass has numerous useful properties that allow the interior designer to use it in various original and creative ways. It can be applied to interior doors, dividers, and frameless shower glass doors, for instance. Tempered glass goods come in a variety of patterns and designs from building material providers to match the style and design of your home. The most popular choices are glasses that are frosted, patterned, clear, and engraved. The high-quality properties of tempered glass, which offer crystal clear clarity and stunning outcomes in varied settings, are another factor contributing to its wide range of applications. Hence, tempered glass is an option for shower doors, cupboards, and display cases.

Disadvantages of Tempered Glass Applications

The greatest way to improve security in locations vulnerable to smash and grab efforts is not to use tempered glass. Although significantly stronger than regular glass, tempered glass will completely shatter when it does break. Tempered glass has impurities that might cause it to suddenly burst, leaving deadly gaps and shattering glass all around. This makes you even more open to break-ins because thieves may get inside so quickly by breaking just one piece of glass. Maintaining tempered glass windows can be expensive because the entire window must be replaced after any form of accident or significant damage because even a minor harm to the window causes it to break apart. Another is that once it has been through the tempering process, tempered glass cannot be modified, necessitating the need for unique manufacturing of each piece of glass. Due to this, installation costs are significantly higher than for some alternative choices, such as security window films.

Price Range of Tempered Glass Sheets

The tempered glass sheet price varies heavily depending on the size, cut, and color of the sheet. Whether the customer prefers certain custom design effects such as frosted effects, etchings, or stained glass, these impressions will affect the cost of the overall product. Depending on the supplier, tempered glass sheet prices are as low as $23.95- $329.99. The tempered plate glass price typically costs $12-$14 per square foot and can build from there depending on the project scope. If you’re still confused that how to tell if glass is tempered then this guide can help you a lot.

Where to Buy the Finest Quality Tempered Glass – Online

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