Tips to Select the Best AC Repair Contractor in Palm Harbor, FL

When you start to feel the heat inside your home, you want to know that someone is on their way and can fix your air conditioner as soon as possible. When it comes time for an AC repair contractor in Palm Harbor, FL, the last thing you want to do is make a bad decision. You’ll be paying this person for quite some time, so picking the right one will save you money in the long run. In this post, we’re going to talk about what questions you should ask when interviewing potential contractors and how those answers could help determine who gets hired!

Be sure to find a repairman that is A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau. You’ll want someone who has been in business for at least three years and isn’t currently on probation.

If they say you need new equipment, ask them why so you can determine if this really needs to happen or not! Many times, your unit could simply be low on refrigerant which is an easy fix without having to replace it entirely. Make sure they are using high-quality parts when doing the repair work as well!

If you’re paying for your AC services in Odessa, FL, make sure to ask if the fee is hourly or fixed. Keep in mind that many of these jobs will take an entire day so it is best to hire someone with a fair hourly rate.

You don’t want to work with anyone who offers “deals” on equipment replacements only during the summer months. Since this job requires extensive time and effort (and isn’t cheap!) you need to lock something like this down now!

When you call around for quotes, make sure to get a few different ones. The cost of an AC repair varies from one person to the next and it is important that you know what your hard-earned money will be going towards!

Ask if they offer warranties on their workmanship or equipment installations. Most contractors do not provide these but would recommend doing business with them anyway because they’ll come out and fix anything wrong free of charge in the future. If this sounds too good to be true, it probably is so don’t give away all your savings before getting what you need doing first!

Be wary of any contractor who says there’s no problem at all with your AC unit! Even brand-new units can have issues right out of the box and it is important that you know what the problem actually is. No one wants to deal with a hot home during these months where we want to be outside or enjoying our time!

Finally, ask if they offer any kind of emergency service should your AC break down in the middle of the night on a holiday weekend. You don’t want to have this happen but will definitely need help right away so make sure whomever you hire has someone available 24/seven should something go wrong!

Contact at least three local AC repair contractors. Ask the contractor questions about their services, pricing, and warranty options.

Find out what kind of experience each contractor has. Ask them about the types of projects they have handled in the past and how long they have been working as an AC repair contractor.

Get an estimate from every contractor you’re considering hiring for your project. The price should be within 20% to 30% of each other, or less if possible. If two contractors quote very similar prices but one is significantly higher than the other it could indicate that something doesn’t seem right with their services so do more research on this particular company before going forward with any decision-making process regarding choosing an AC repair contractor in Palm Harbor, FL.

Request an estimate in writing (via email) to ensure there are no hidden costs associated with each company’s proposal. Also make certain all work is guaranteed by reviewing any fine print on paper contracts carefully before finalizing them.

From installation, to repair and maintenance services for residential or commercial HVAC systems in Palm Harbor FL, Xpress Quality Services is committed to providing the best customer service. We’re also available 24 hours a day with emergency air conditioning repairs that can be handled within an hour of your call. Call us at 813-295-7532!


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