Tips To Crush Your Hydration Goals

Research suggests that you should be drinking at least 2 liters of water every day, often referred to as eight glasses.  However, other research suggests that 3.7 liters for men and 2.7 liters for women is a better option. Naturally, the key isn’t really how much you drink but whether you are well-hydrated or not. 

Unfortunately, most people lead busy lives, and finding the time to hydrate can be more difficult than you think. The good news is that, regardless of what your personal hydration goal is, you can use the following tips to improve your water consumption.

Filter It

You may be surprised by how different filtered water tastes to unfiltered water. In short, filtered water tastes better and is healthier. The problem with regular water is that it has chemicals added to eliminate bacteria and even help keep your teeth healthy. It can also have picked up a lot of heavy metals and minerals.

These make the water hard and you’ll need to use reverse osmosis to deal with the issue, ro water, as it is generally referred to, is much purer and tastes better. This will encourage you to drink more of it, helping you to reach your hydration goals. 

Carry It With You

There is no better way of reaching a hydration goal than carrying the water with you. When you do this you can sip water throughout the day and it will become a habit, you won’t even think about how easy it is to reach your hydration goals. 

However, as plastic can leach into water and potentially cause health issues. It is a good idea to use a bottle designed for multiple uses. Don’t just refill the bottle the water arrived in.

Flavor It

Flavored water can be very refreshing and, if done properly, isn’t going to be full of calories. The best approach is to put fresh fruit in your water and leave them in there. This will allow them to infuse with the water and transform the flavor, making it a pleasure to drink. 

Bubble It

Most people don’t consider this but it is surprisingly easy to add bubbles to your water. This also transforms the flavor and even the feel of the water in your mouth. You can purchase a carbonator and add the bubbles yourself or, if you prefer, you can just buy bottled sparkling water.

If you are struggling with your hydration goal this is worth a try.

Ice It

On a warm day, there is nothing quite like a glass of ice-cold water. Simply drop a few ice cubes into your water and enjoy. You may be surprised by how effective this simple approach is. But, it is effective. 

The key to reaching a hydration goal is to set a realistic goal and then break it down so that you know what you should be drinking every hour. By using a mixture of the above techniques you will quickly find it easy to reach any hydration goal.