Tips on How to Tidy Your Home

Daily house cleaning can consume a lot of your time and turn out to be a drag.

In order to save you time and trouble we are compiling a list on how to tidy up your home. NW Maids Cleaning Service is here to help you to effectively clean your home.

Following these tips will help you better organize and tidying up your home in no time.

1. Start by making up your bed

Many people feel lazy when it comes to making up a bed, but it really makes a huge difference in how tidy your room looks and it hardly takes a few minutes.

2. De-clutter

Don’t wait for an annual cleaning to start DE cluttering. De clutter every single day, discard everything you don’t need and is just lying around, taking up space.

3. Keep basics close 

Keep the basics handy. And what you don’t need on daily basis under the cabinets and drawers. This will help keeping your drawers neat and organized without you having to rummage for every single thing.

4. Clean as you go

This one is no brainer. But something that we don’t go often. Putting things away as you go will definitely make a huge difference and your house will look less messy and more organized.

5. Organize as you go

You don’t have to organize on a weekend or at the end of the day. Organizing things as you go will make the difference between a messy and tidy house at the end of the day. For instance, once you take off your clothes, you can either hang them back to the closet, or put them directly in the laundry.

6. Adopt a minimalist lifestyle

Adopting a minimalist lifestyle is the key to have a more tidy and organized house. You don’t have to buy/keep things you don’t really need. Often sort out through your closet, give away clothes you don’t often wear. Give away books you are done reading, give away any stuff that’s lying around your house unnecessarily. And only buy things you really NEED, not something you might use once or twice.