Tips for Successful Grocery Shopping

It used to be rather cheap, but in today’s world, shopping for fresh produce and having home cooked meals has become outrageous to some, but it doesn’t have to be. There are specific ways to buy products that many people of higher classes and more income think that they can’t live without. In this guide however, we’re going to bust some myths, and show you how to successfully shop at your local grocery store to increase your bounty for less. We enlisted the help of Lemontree produce displays to compile this list for you.

Tip Number 1 Listing

Believe it or not, most of the problem with not only obesity, but overspending at grocery stores is impulse buying, which is important that stores assist with (hey, that’s how they make their money after all). However, if you want to have an efficient grocery shopping trip and get the most out of your shopping visit, make a list and stick to it. Only get things you need (more on that later), and try not to buy anything on impulse.

Tip Number 2 – Never Shop Hungry

While this used to be considered a myth to some, it’s actually proven that many people will impulsively buy food items they don’t need and even stray from their strict lists or diets because they go to a grocery store hungry. To avoid this, you should at least eat a healthy snack that is somewhat filling before you head into the store looking for grub.

Tip Number 3 – Don’t Experiment Too Much with Vegetables

Unless you plan on making a full-on Asian meal that needs it, don’t just buy bokchoy because you think it sounds good. And don’t get rhubarb if you don’t have the rest of the recipe and ingredients for a rhubarb pie on the list. Another thing to consider is what you will eat, and what your family will eat. Some kids won’t eat certain things because their taste buds are different than us grownups, and it’s important to somewhat cater to that. You don’t want to buy squash that could feed the whole family for days if you’re going to be the only one to eat it (especially if you don’t plan on eating it for days).

Tip Number 4 – Buy in Bulk

Many grocery stores have meat sales on products that are in bulk. For example, if you could get an uncut full ribeye for $70, then get it and have the meat department slice it. You’ll save more than those prepacked ribeye steaks that only include 2 steaks for $15. Read this guide to make sure you’ll buy good-quality and safe meat.

Tip Number 5 – Generic Doesn’t Hurt

This is something that many people have started to realize, but some still are stuck in their ways. It doesn’t hurt to buy a 2lb bag of Malt-O-Meal® Fruity Rings for $2.50 rather than buying the name brand Fruit Loops ® 10-oz box for $4. The flavor is pretty much the same (sometimes the generic has actually better flavor and you can get more, plus save money).


There are many other shopping tips that we can provide, but if you stick with the ones we list above, you’ll become a more successful shopper, as well as save money and have more to show for it after your trip to your favorite grocery store is complete.