Tips for Moms: What to Do in Your Spare Time

It’s hard for any mom to imagine a time with no chores, no errands, no kids. But every once in a while, moms get to have some free time, which leaves them with a question in their head: What should I do now? We’ve got loads of ideas for moms who have spare time, from checking out online slot machines canada to reading some casino reviews and try their luck to having a girls’ night out. If you’re a mom and you’re wondering how to spend your free time, make sure you continue reading this article!

Date Nights

It can be pretty hard to schedule an official date night, so most moms just watch a TV show with their husband after the kids fall asleep, or maybe they manage to get a babysitter and go out for the weekend. But a romantic date night can refresh your marriage and bring some excitement to it, because who doesn’t like going to dinner and chatting? A really important way to help your marriage thrive and be better parents to your kids is to take the time for you and your husband as a couple.

Listen to Music

Why not try to get in a good mood by playing your favorite songs and singing along? Listen to some old songs that got you pumped up in your high school or college days and turn the volume up.

Online Casinos

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Have a Long Shower

Moms never seem to have enough time to take a long show. They just hop in the shower, stay for a minute or two, and hop out. Sometimes, there isn’t any hot water left are washing the laundry, doing the dishes, and bathing your kids. So, go for it! Pamper yourself and take a long, hot shower.

Get Crafty

If you’re a crafty person and haven’t done something that you enjoy in a really long time, pick up a sewing needle, crochet hook, pencil, or paintbrush. Don’t feel bad for taking some time for yourself. It isn’t self-indulgent; consider this as an act of self-care.  And if you feel that you have what it takes to run a business, then you should do it with full trust in yourself.

Water the Garden

One relaxing way to clear your head is watering the garden. If you have a garden with lots of plants, get outside by yourself, soak in the sunlight, water the plants, and make plans for what you’d like your garden to look like.


Writing down your thoughts on a piece of paper has a lot of benefits. Writing is a great mental exercise; it improves our ability to explain our ideas to ourselves and others, it increases our memory and improves our written skills. Any stress you might be feeling, whether at home, at work, or something completely different, you can work through It by journaling. You can also make the whole thing up and write fictional stories. Write about someone else’s life you’ve imagined, or write about anything you deem worthy writing about.

Have a Girls Night Out

Every once in a while, moms manage to organize a lunch or dinner with their friends and leave their husband or a nanny to watch their kids. But connecting with your friends and talking with other moms can be so relaxing. Schedule a night out with your girls, share advice, talk about challenges with your kids, what’s going on in your lives, and enjoy each other’s company.

Watch Your Favorite TV Show

Another rare thing when you become a mom is uninterrupted TV time. Use your spare time to catch up with your favorite TV shows. Whether you’re addicted to Gray’s Anatomy or your guilty pleasure is The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you can watch it without anyone interrupting you. You don’t need to pour juice, prepare snacks, or argue about screen time. You can even do a whole marathon of How I Met Your Mother if you want to.

Learn a New Hobby

Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to paint, but you’ve never really had the chance. Perhaps you wanted to play an instrument, or maybe you’ve been waiting to learn how to dance. Use the free time you have to pick up a hobby, something you never had time to do, even if you will never try it again. Go ahead and explores your interests.

Go for a Run

Running is one of the best ways to de-stress and get those endorphins flowing. Running helps you improve your health, it builds strength, burns calories, and other things. Having kids can make it pretty hard to have a regular running time, so make sure that you use up some of your free time to go for a run.

Go to a Hair Salon

Getting your hair done by a professional can instantly make you feel like a new person. A new haircut will immediately boost your confidence, and it’s a great way to draw attention to your facial features.

Cook or Bake

Even though the chances are you spend a lot of time cooking for your kids, why not try and make something for yourself? Find a new recipe online or pick up your old cookbook. Cook a delicious dessert or a fancy pasta, enjoy the process and end up with a great treat to munch on when you’re all done.

Read a Book

Reading books is cheap, and if that’s something you enjoy doing, you can find an endless supply of books at thrift shops and garage sales, at book shops, on the internet, and you can even take advantage of your library card.

Remember that downtime is essential. Everyone needs a break from their daily chores to relax and slow down for a few moments a day. Make sure you make time for yourself