Tips For Making Personalized Mugs The Best Gift To Give This Holiday

Thinking of a perfect gift to give your loved ones this holiday? If you have not decided just yet, considering handmade pottery mugs are highly recommended. Some are not convinced as they think that a mug is too simple to give as a present to someone dear to their hearts or a personalized mug is only be given as giveaways to parties, like birthdays or other occasions. Actually, if you know how to do it right, the simple mug you thought can be the best and most precious gift your receiver can get this holiday.

Tips For Making Personalized Mugs The Best Gift To Give This Holiday

Considering personalised photo mug as a present is a good idea, as number one it is not as expensive compared to other gift ideas available in the market, two, it is very usable (drinking coffee, pencil holders and more) and three, it is personalized hence your receiver would really feel that the gift is specifically meant for him/her and not generic. You can do mug printing just by yourself, but to ensure accuracy and perfection, hiring professionals is better.

Just to help you in turning the simple personalized mug extra special, consider the guide below:

  • Choose The Right Mug And Print

Choose a color that you know he/she loves the most and instead of printing sayings and verses, consider photos of him/her. Choose a color and print that you know can make him proud showing it to others and using it regularly.

  • Put Something In It

If you have more money to spare, why not put chocolates inside the mug? You can also consider coffee beans, ball pen, a few dollars and more. Adding a little spice on the gift wont hurt your budget a lot as simple goodies are actually more than enough. Not as much to do but would surely make a huge difference. Custom coasters are also a great add-on.

  • Wrap It Nicely

Gone by the days when you will put the mug inside a box and wrap it nicely with a gift wrapper. Be more creative and make use of your imagination. Using different colored papers and very nice ribbons can be a good start. You can also search online tips on how to wrap mugs differently.

  • Include A Personal Message

A card or a love letter is never outdated. It is not everyday that you can let your loved ones know how happy you are that they are part of your life. Let your receiver know what is inside your heart. Do not be afraid to write it down and let it be known. If this you do, the simple mug will turn to be the most special gift your receiver would get this holiday.

Including a personal message on the personalized mug print can also be considered.

There are other ways you can do to make personalized mug extra special. Make use of your creative juices and turn this simple gift to something extra ordinary and special.