Tips For Making Personalized Mugs The Best Gift To Give This Holiday

Thinking of a perfect gift to give your loved ones this holiday? If you have not decided just yet, considering handmade pottery mugs are highly recommended. Some are not convinced as they think that a mug is too simple to give as a present to someone dear to their hearts or a personalized mug is only be given as giveaways to parties, like birthdays or other occasions. Actually, if you know how to do it right, the simple mug you thought can be the best and most precious gift your receiver can get this holiday.

Tips For Making Personalized Mugs The Best Gift To Give This Holiday

Considering personalised photo mug as a present is a good idea, as number one it is not as expensive compared to other gift ideas available in the market, two, it is very usable (drinking coffee, pencil holders and more) and three, it is personalized hence your receiver would really feel that the gift is specifically meant for him/her and not generic. You can do mug printing just by yourself, but to ensure accuracy and perfection, hiring professionals is better.

Just to help you in turning the simple personalized mug extra special, consider the guide below:

Choose The Right Mug And Print

Choose a color that you know he/she loves the most and instead of printing sayings and verses, consider photos of him/her. Choose a color and print that you know can make him proud showing it to others and using it regularly.

Mugs Material

A mug with quotation and succulents and candle image

The mug is made of a variety of materials. Different materials have different functions. The mugs can be customized with whatever design you choose. There’s everything from beautiful glass glasses to sturdy stainless-steel mugs. Because they are inexpensive, practical, and simple to personalize, mugs are a favorite gift item. Whether your preferred beverage is tea or coffee in the morning, having a couple of extra cups on hand is always a brilliant idea. A personalized mug is one of the best gift ideas because there are many ways to personalize one.

1. Mugs Made of Ceramic

Since ceramic combines neutrality, affordability, and heat retention, most coffee lovers agree it is the best material for coffee mugs. Unlike other materials, coffee in ceramic mugs does not affect the coffee flavor. Ceramic cups, however, might not be appropriate for specific situations or activities such as hiking and camping.

2. Stoneware

Only some people know that stoneware is a kind of ceramic but distinctly different. The primary distinction between stoneware and regular ceramic is its density. A stoneware mug has thick walls that prevent the transfer of heat, which keeps coffee hot for a long time. Additionally, stoneware mugs do not affect the flavor and aroma of the coffee. Moreover, stoneware mugs are resistant to chips and often have a long lifespan. Stoneware rarely cracks because it is resistant to thermal shocks. Because of this, it can move straight from the oven to the refrigerator and vice versa.

3. Glass

When coffee is served in a glass mug, it looks very fancy. Tempered glass is used to create glass coffee mugs. That’s why they can withstand high temperatures and temperature changes. Another wonderful thing about glass is that you can see the layers in your drink, which makes cappuccinos and lattes have a classy presentation. Another advantage is that these glasses don’t get stained. However, glass mugs still have downsides or one thing; they may get hot quickly.

4. Mugs Made of Porcelain

Strictly speaking, porcelain is a form of ceramic treated under higher temperatures than traditional ceramics. Higher temperatures enable glassy finishes and thinner-walled cups. Consequently, porcelain mugs have much thinner walls and are lighter than other ceramics. They also lose heat quickly. Due to their thin, smooth, and translucent construction, porcelain mugs have a refined appearance. The bone ash increases the mugs’ durability and resistance to chips, which also offers distinctive color colors and tones.

5. Melamine

Melamine mugs are among the most useful and reasonably priced options available. Your coffee will stay hot longer in this cup because melamine has an insulator property. The mug itself doesn’t get very hot therefore your hands won’t be in danger of burning. The durability of melamine is another remarkable quality of this material. The mugs are dishwasher-safe and don’t chip easily. However, you can’t put these in the microwave.

Put Something In It

If you have more money to spare, why not put chocolates inside the mug? You can also consider coffee beans, ball pen, a few dollars and more. Adding a little spice on the gift wont hurt your budget a lot as simple goodies are actually more than enough. Not as much to do but would surely make a huge difference. Custom coasters are also a great add-on.

Gifts Ideas That Will Fit on a Mug

A customized mug makes a beautiful present for almost anyone! Also, including something will enhance the pleasure of receiving a personalized gift. You can modify them to meet the recipient’s personality. Here are some gifts ideas that you can put on a mug.

1. Tea Gift

Give a mug filled with tea bags and biscuits to the tea drinker in your life as a thoughtful gift. Give your tea-loving friend a gift they’ll use and enjoy by filling the mug with different kinds of tea and little add-ons to make it enjoyable for them to drink. Give a friend who feels under the weather a cheer by adding honey, fresh lemon, and tea bags! Even though holiday drinks are fun, sometimes you need a cup of tea to get through the season.

2. Planters in mugs

Create a unique gift for the plant enthusiast by thinking outside the box. Put a succulent, herb, or other tiny plants in the mug rather than a plain one! The recipient of the present can use the cup and the plant in the mug or have a cute planter. Put a layer of tiny stones at the bottom if they decide to keep it to help avoid root rot, then fill it with potting soil and a plant.

3. Gift Cards for Coffee and Cereal Bar

If you have a friend who is constantly running late and forgetting to have breakfast, you can help them get back on track with a gift card for coffee and a cereal bar. Thanks to the coffee gift card, they may enjoy their favorite cup of coffee even on the go.

4. Makeup Essentials

Fill a cup with small beauty items and accessories for your friend who enjoys getting dolled up. If you’re on a tight budget, gather beauty samples and arrange them in the cup artistically. Alternatively, you can splurge and include lovely lipstick and a few makeup brushes. To complete the gift, add a few little extras like a bracelet or a set of earrings.

5. Chocolate, Marshmallows, and Hot Cocoa Blend

Tea or coffee is not for everyone. For those who are into hot cocoa, arrange marshmallows, chocolate chips, and hot cocoa mix in a treat bag. Attach this bag to a mug by tying a rope around it. Remember to include the amounts for the milk and warm water to be added to the mixture. A set of cups and a hot cocoa mix in a basket make a wonderful present for a full family and will allow everyone to share precious moments over a steaming mug of hot chocolate during the frigid winter months. 

Wrap It Nicely

Gone by the days when you will put the mug inside a box and wrap it nicely with a gift wrapper. Be more creative and make use of your imagination. Using different colored papers and very nice ribbons can be a good start. You can also search online tips on how to wrap mugs differently.

Include A Personal Message

A card or a love letter is never outdated. It is not everyday that you can let your loved ones know how happy you are that they are part of your life. Let your receiver know what is inside your heart. Do not be afraid to write it down and let it be known. If this you do, the simple mug will turn to be the most special gift your receiver would get this holiday.

Including a personal message on the personalized mug print can also be considered.

There are other ways you can do to make personalized mug extra special. Make use of your creative juices and turn this simple gift to something extra ordinary and special.