Tips for Hiring Servers for Your Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party can be challenging because there are a lot of things that are needed to consider. It involves a lot of planning and preparation to make it successful. When you are planning to throw a unique and unforgettable party, it’s better to opt for bikini waitressing to help you serve your guests well. Hiring qualified and trained servers can help you enhance the overall dining experience of your guests, and aside from that, they can also help make your work become easier, allowing you to enjoy your own dinner party more.

Different Types of Services

Before you hire servers for your dinner party, you should plan first what kind of party you will be hosting. It’s because there are different types of service they can offer you and here are some of them.

  • Buffet Dinner: Buffet dinner parties are those with either station or serving line. Your guests will go to the buffet table to get their foods. The job of the servers for this kind of dinner party is to assist the guests in getting their foods and giving them drinks as well. They are also the ones to supervise the foods being served if they are needed to be refilled.
  • Sit-Down, Plated Dinner: For this type of dinner party, the servers will serve each of your guests their own plates with the complete foods. This can also be applied for the appetizers and desserts.
  • Sit-Down, Family Style Dinner: For this type of dinner party, the servers will just be placing all dinner items in serving dishes, platters, or bowls, and the guests will serve themselves depending on what foods they want to get. It’s like a normal intimate dinner with the family.
  • Beverage Service: You can also hire servers to serve your guests beverages such as wine, beer, champagne, mixed drinks, and sodas during your dinner party. Bar rentals is a good option to consider. You should check first with your service contract if the servers can handle serving the beverages themselves or you can consider a mobile bar hire as well.  
  • Cocktail Party: If you will be hosting a cocktail dinner party, only light drinks and appetizers will be served, therefore, there’s no need to hire a bartender.

Tips for Hiring Servers

Once you’ve decided on what type of dinner party you will be hosting, here are some tips that may help you hire servers for your dinner party.  

1. Determine the number of servers you need

To be able to know how many servers you need for your dinner party, you need to know first the numbers of guests that will be attending. If it will just be a seated dinner party with ten people or a cocktail dinner party with twenty people, then one server can be enough. If you’re expecting about thirty guests, two servers can handle that. But if it will be forty or more guests, you should hire at least four servers.

2. Finding servers

If you do not know where you can find servers you can hire for your dinner party, maybe you can ask some of your neighbors, friends, or hosts of some events you’ve already attended for suggestions. You can also try to ask your favorite server at a local restaurant if he or she is willing to moonlight and bring some friends as well.

You can also try to check your local online or newspaper for classifieds for people offering this service. If you’re on a budget, maybe you can contact a local college or bartenders’ school for some potential servers. They are also great to hire, especially if you’re only planning an intimate dinner party with family or friends.

3. Instruct your servers ahead of time

Once you’ve hired your servers, make sure to instruct them beforehand on all the things you expect from them. You can let them know if you like them to take coats, show your guests to assigned seats, prepare snacks, tend bar, or to serve foods and clean up tables. This way, they will clearly know their tasks once the dinner party starts.

4. Have a written menu prepared

A written menu will include each dishes’ ingredients and it will be useful for your servers. It’s also great if they can master the menu because some of your guests will probably inquire about their meals or even wine choices as well. If your servers will be able to answer all of their questions, your guests will be impressed.

5. Establish a dress code for your servers

The attire of your servers is also important and it should be a reflection of the spirit of your event. If you will be hosting a formal sit-down event, your servers may wear coordinated black and white. This will depend on the theme and style of your dinner party. If your dress requirements for them are unique or elaborate, maybe you can provide them uniforms to make sure that they will adhere to your ideas.

6. Pay your servers enough

Remember that during parties, guests do not usually give tips to servers. Therefore, you have to make sure that you will be paying them enough to make it worth their while to show up at your party and provide good service to your guests.

7. Pay your servers at the end of the dinner party

To ensure that your servers will stay until the end of the party, let them know that you will be giving their fee when all duties are completed. These duties can be clearing tables, washing dishes, sweeping floors, and cleaning the kitchen. Once they’ve completed their tasks, you can give them their fees and let them know that they are able to leave.

Hiring servers for dinner parties is indeed a big help to make the event successful and less stressful. Once you’ve hired a great team of servers, all you need to do is to invite your guests and prepare to have a great time at your own dinner party. We hope the tips we shared will help you find the best servers for your upcoming dinner party.