Tips for Hiring a Handyman

Sometimes, there are repairs needed home that are challenging to do on our own. It’s true that today, you can find plenty of DIY videos and instructions online on how to fix things, such as dripping water pipes, clogged kitchen sinks, flickering light bulbs, and more. However, even if you think or feel that you’re up to the job of fixing them, it might still be a good idea to hire a handyman to solve those problems.

With these issues, you need to remember that jobs require not just knowledge and hands-on experience. It’s because fixing these things also needs special tools and spare parts. Therefore, instead of trying to learn how to carry out home repairs and spend time on discovering the things you would need, which can sometimes lead to a waste of money on tools that you may never use again, you can just simply call a handyman to do the job for you.

When it comes to hiring a handyman, there are also things you need to consider or do to be able to find the best one that will suit your needs at home. To help you, here are some of the best tips we can give for hiring a handyman.

Ask people you know for referrals

It is a good idea to ask some of the people you know if they can refer a handyman that can make repairs in your home. This way, you can be confident that the person or service they will recommend is really good because they’ve experienced it first-hand.  For example you can find a great handyman services indianapolis by searching and finding the right people to talk to.

Be specific about what you want the handyman to do

Remember that handymen or contractors are not mind-readers. Therefore, you need to tell them exactly what you want. For example, if you need a handyman to paint your kitchen cabinets, you need to discuss with him the type and colors of paint you want, how many coats, and other details that you think are important. You can ask them for suggestions, but it will still depend on your final decision.

Send photos of what you want to fix or be done

If you are searching for a handyman online, then taking photos and adding them to the task description is important. This way, those interested in taking the job would clearly understand what needs to be done.This will also help them assess what they need to do and give an accurate quote for the work.

Make sure that the professional has done the type of job you need before

You also need to ensure that the handyman you are hiring is an expert when it comes to the type of job you need. It’s because he can be good at installing a garage door but has never done painting and installing trim molding. Therefore, before you hire someone, ask him first about his experience. Never go for someone who would use your home as a test project.

Never hire a handyman to do skilled work

You can hire a handyman to do small repairs at home, such as changing a faucet, fixing small leaks, painting, installing patio bricks, etc. However, if you need a major plumbing job, electrical work, or heating and air-conditioning work, then you need to find other services for these things. Always make sure that you are hiring the right person for the job you need.

Check references and read reviews online

If you are hiring handyman services online, it’s better to ask for references from former clients. You can also read online reviews to know if the handyman you’ll be hiring is efficient enough to do the tasks you require.

Test your new handyman out on smaller tasks first

If you want to know how the handyman you hired works, you can test him out on minor tasks first. This way, you will see if the worker will show up on time, do the job well, and clean up after him/herself. If he passes all those tests, then you can move on to bigger tasks.

Know about licensing and insurance

Licensing rules for handy work differ by municipality. There are cities where most seasoned handymen and handywomen are licensed, while in other cities, they may not be. Make sure that you ask for a copy of the license and then contact the local or state agency that issues them to verify if it is still valid.

Beware of door-to-door handyman services

Sometimes there are people who would pose as legitimate home repair workers, which is a common trick for thieves. Remember that a good handyman doesn’t need to solicit door-to-door. Also, beware of those who would ask you to get building permits, want payment in cash, or pressure you in deciding. Always take your time.

Do not pay for work upfront

Remember that a handyman usually does not ask for any down payments before starting the task. Also, if your project needs buying of expensive materials, it’s better to pay the supplier directly than giving the money to the handyman to purchase the materials you need.

Have the estimates written

If the handyman you hired is not a skilled writer, then you can draft the contract or job list yourself. Include details and prices, and have him sign it if he can’t give you a written estimate. This can be used as a contractual agreement.

The lowest price is often not the best

When choosing a handyman for home repairs, don’t just pick the lowest bid. As much as you can, resist your thrifty impulses when looking for the best handyman. It’s because those who ask way below the market rates might provide poor quality work or supplies, or there might be something fishy about the handyman himself.

Qualities of a Trusted Handyman

These characteristics will point you in the direction of the best candidate for the task, whether you need home repairs made or just need some assistance with some light gardening work around the house:


It’s crucial to know you can trust the individual doing any work on your house or property before you hire them.

Regardless of whether you are home or not, it is crucial that anyone with physical access to your home or property—including contractors working on the exterior of your home like painters, plumbers, or general handymen—is someone you would trust with your personal items.

Pick a handyman with positive reviews and referrals from previous clients.

If you’re looking for a local handyman, you’ll probably discover lots of evaluations online and on directories like Facebook and Google Local.

Ask for recommendations on local Facebook community groups if you’re still unsure. This is frequently the greatest method for locating skilled craftspeople.


When working on major projects like dry walling and tiling, it’s crucial to hire someone who is familiar with the process. Find a handyman with the experience or expertise needed for your project. A competent handyman will be able to not only complete your precise demands but also to offer suggestions and guidance.

A qualified handyman will be able to explain what they are doing and how it may affect how much your project will cost.

To get an idea of who they are based on their responses, ask them about other tasks they have done.


For some trades or skills, a handyman needs a license in order to practice. Verify that the prospective contractor has the necessary insurance and licensing before signing any contract. If you want piece of mind, you can check their information online via the respective business associations to see if they have had any complaints registered against them. On their website and business cards, the majority of certified and authorized handyman businesses will list their license number.


It’s not always easy to find someone who has time in their schedule for excellent interaction. A good handyman will work to be available for you when you need them and be considerate of your needs.

Before making a commitment, check their availability online or by calling them, and find out how frequently they are likely to accept new work.

It is not unusual for a handyman to be overly eager to begin your project only to discover they are already overloaded with projects. This can cause them to run over schedule or force them to complete a project of lower quality for you.

Establish a precise timeline for the two of you so that you and your spouse are in agreement with the finish deadline.

Competitive pricing

The cost differential between tradesmen can be significant when it comes to home maintenance or restoration.

Requesting different quotations is typically a smart idea because it will offer you an idea of the pricing as well as how they operate and engage with clients.

Similar to the statement, not every trades-person uses the same quality of materials or workmanship. On rare occasions, you might decide that spending more is justified if you are confident that the project’s overall results will be more value.

Clear communication

Communication is important to getting any remodeling or significant repair done perfectly.

If you don’t interact with your tradesperson, the project can take longer, cost more, or turn out less well. So make sure you and the tradesperson are clear on what needs to be discussed before work begins, and make sure you are informed of the status of the project or any potential obstacles.

Using a whiteboard or project board, which you can update as each trades-person completes their work, is a terrific way to stay informed about the status of the project. Our magnetic dry-erase wall planners that you can get at Officeworks are a fantastic example of one.

Commitment and guarantee

Make sure you receive a written guarantee for the work done that is signed and dated. It is crucial that it includes information on who will supply any goods or labor needed to finish the job as well as what will happen if something goes wrong with your property.

Before signing anything in writing, take sure to read the tradesperson’s after-service promise and guarantee.


It should go without saying, but you want to make sure that any tradesperson entering your property is covered for both their own safety and the quality of the work they are doing.

They should have public liability insurance and be ready to produce the certificate at any time.

Most homeowners probably already have their own public liability insurance, but if the house is rented out, you might not have this coverage for someone else. In the end, if someone is hurt while on your property, you are ultimately responsible, unless they have separate coverage.

Why We Should Hire a Handyman

There are many tasks around the house that a homeowner can perform on their own to make quick adjustments. However, there are some tasks that a regular person should not attempt to complete without a professional’s assistance. Here are seven reasons to engage handyman services rather than attempting to do repairs or changes yourself, regardless of how skilled you are at DIY.

man installing window in room image

Handyman services save time

A handyman will help you save lots of time, whether fixing a noisy appliance or a leaking faucet. Handymen are experts who can solve issues considerably more quickly than the majority of people. Your time will be freed up if you choose to hire handyman services, allowing you to concentrate on your family or work. Who wants to worry about fixing the kitchen sink all weekend, anyway?

So that you may make the most of your free time, hire a handyman to handle the repairs. Most tasks can be completed in an hour or two, but you might need many days to do one.

A job done right

Professional handyman service providers can complete any project correctly the first time, from plumbing to the HVAC system. Making these repairs on your own could significantly worsen the situation. To perform particular repairs, look for a skilled technician, such as an electrical handyman. To ensure that everything is mended properly and that you aren’t left fretting, these professionals know just what to do.

Deciding to hire a professional will help you avoid having to deal with more headaches in the future. It’s probably best to leave anything to the experts if you are in doubt about how to do it.

You manage property

There is no doubt that you require assistance with all of the maintenance if you are a landlord or property manager. To handle maintenance difficulties for you, find the best interior fit out business. Hire a handyman to handle tenant issues whether it’s a single-family home or an apartment building. These experts can be reached whenever you need them, allowing you to focus on other matters.

When looking for a handyman nearby, always verify your references. As soon as you locate a reliable provider, you’ll understand how beneficial it is to have them at your disposal.


When you work on your house, a lot can go wrong, including possibly fatal accidents. A handyman is aware of the risks involved in the work and knows how to take the necessary safety measures. Making some repairs yourself just isn’t worth the danger, which includes ladder accidents and unintentional electrical shocks. Pick a handyman with experience who knows how to complete tasks in the safest way possible.

man hammering nail into wall during housework image

You can avoid injuring yourself or other people by choosing to utilize a professional. Additionally, it’s the best approach to finish a task without getting hurt.

Handyman have all the right tools

You might not have all you need to finish the project, depending on the issue. No matter if there is a leak in the roof or a fracture in the wall, handyman services have everything needed to perform repairs to your property.

Hire an expert instead of investing extra money and time on tools you’ll likely only use once. Your handyman will be aware of exactly what is required, saving you from having to make a lot of educated guesswork.

Finding the appropriate tools can be a difficult and laborious process at your neighborhood home improvement store. Select a handyman to complete the task so you may complete it quickly and easily without having to purchase a ton of tools.

Attention to detail

Although you would believe that a modest repair is simple, there are several processes involved in house improvement. Any step you miss could result in more serious issues in the future.

When making repairs, a handyman will make sure that nothing is overlooked. To ensure that the fix is carried out properly, each step will be conducted in the correct order.

If you try to perform something on your own and disregard an important step, the problem can get worse. Hire pros to handle your home renovation projects so that nothing is overlooked.

You will save money

Unless the problem is quite straightforward, performing DIY repairs can potentially be fairly expensive. A handyman can complete the task swiftly and most likely for a lower cost.

Making some items yourself can add up quickly, regardless of whether you wind up needing to purchase new tools or supplies. Hire a handyman service to complete the job promptly and for one flat rate to save money.

You will not only save money on supplies or tools, but you’ll also save time, and time is money. Call about and compare prices until you find the company that provides the greatest solution at the most affordable charge.

These are some of the best tips we can give when it comes to hiring a handyman. We hope that these tips will help you in finding the perfect handyman that can help you with all the repairs and projects that need to be done in your home.