Tips for Having a Great Movie Night Family Party

Movie night parties are a great way to spice up your otherwise mundane lives, and spend quality time with family, without breaking the bank. With everyone having tight schedules, it’s a perfect way to bond over a nice movie, while curling up on your favorite couch. As the interests of kids keep changing with age and you, as a parent, also get bored with repetitive patterns, it gets difficult to host such exciting nights, both for you and the kids. 

Tips for Having a Great Family Movie Night 

In case you’re confused about how to choose the film or the essentials for a successful movie night, look no more! Take a look at these tips for having a great family movie night party. 

1. Set a Theme

Nowadays, themed cinemas are all the rage, but you don’t need to leave your home, to be a part of the fun gang. Twist your family movie night by setting a theme, and instructing all the members to dress according to the movie.

For example, if your little ones want to watch Frozen, why not sprinkle some snow spray before starting the night, and let the kids dress in a blue sparkly gown of Elsa, and other fun outfits endorsed by Anna. If you’re in the mood to make use of your creative skills, make an Olaf with polystyrene or order it. 

2. Make Tickets 


To give your family members all the feel of a cinema, try creating your tickets for the family movie night party. You can either download the template online or let your creative juices flow and design them yourself. After that, you can write names on these tickets. To make it more fun, you can even write the habits/traits of each family member, on his/her ticket.

For example, if your son wakes up late and is always sleepy, write ‘sleepyhead’ under his name, and make it bold!! After that, make sure that everyone makes a queue, the one we make in cinemas, to collect their ticket. 

3. Cozy Setup


Most cinemas have seats with sticky fabric and sore bottoms that feel so irksome. However, when planning for a family movie night, you can set up a cozy seating/viewing area. Drape some fairy lights across the room and spread out some cushions on the floor, as a comfortable alternative to sitting on one sofa throughout the movie. 

Make sure that there’s no distraction of any kind. Imagine your family sitting through a very emotional scene and a car honking on the road at the same time, it would be unpleasant and a mood buster! 

4. Stage an Intermission 


If your family gets bored easily or tends to take a lot of breaks in between the movie, staging an intermission would be a great way to let them freshen up. Choose a perfect moment that could serve as a cliffhanger, hit pause, raise the lights and then announce an intermission. This will also keep them hooked throughout the break.

During this break, you can fill out the popcorn boxes, and grab some more snacks or cola from the fridge. When everyone gets refreshed and done with their toilet breaks, you can dim the lights and let the show continue! 

5. Make it Groovy  


In case your kids are about the age of 10-15, choose a fun movie, that’ll leave them with no choice but to groove along. Most kids-friendly movies have sparkly visuals and fun upbeat songs that children love to dance to and sing to.

Encourage them to have fun, as it is the sole purpose of organizing the family movie night. This will not only light up the environment but will also make them curious for the next movie night, considering the amount of fun they had during the previous one! 

6. Matching Pajamas 


It’s not unusual for fans to wear the costumes of their favorite movie characters in the theatre. You can recreate that at home with a twist and instruct all the family members to wear matching pajamas. You can either buy some fun ones that kids will like. Kids love ONE thing and that’s matching their outfits, no matter the situation. This way, they’ll look forward to buying the pajamas, before every movie night. 

7. Projector Experience 


To successfully incorporate the vibe of a cinema in your home, and watch the movie on a big screen, switch from an LED to a projector. The great thing about a projector is that you can place it on any flat wall and it’ll turn into one giant screen. It saves your money and helps you enjoy the movie in 4K, in the comfort of your living room. Home projectors are also safe for your eyes, as the light emitting from them is much gentler on the eyes, compared to the ones coming out from TV screens. 

8. Arrange Sound Bars  

While TVs have evolved big time, their sound systems are still lacking, and often cause discomfort. One minute, you’d be struggling to hear a conversation, and the next second, a bombarding action sequence starts, which doesn’t sound so great to the ears. 

Therefore, to make your family movie night a success, make use of sound bars. They consist of several speakers and can be used with any TV set or computer. As a great option for home theatres, home projectors don’t consume a lot of space, are easy to set up, and deliver a splendid and high-quality audio experience. 

9. Picking a Movie


The most important and challenging part of having a family movie night is selecting the movie. What if dad’s into action, mom’s a diehard fan of romantic comedies, and kids want to watch superhero movies? There are several ways to solve this issue. 

  • An easy solution would be to have a lucky draw, and the winner’s choice must be played. You can also pick a movie by taking turns, and let each member select a movie every weekend. 
  • However, if these ideas also don’t work, check out Show box or IMDB, to know a little about the movies, their ratings, and reviews, and then decide. 
  • The most important thing is to pick a movie that everyone or, at least the majority will enjoy. Have a look at the options and make sure that there isn’t a film that’s not friendly for your kids.

In case you’re a mom whose husband is out of town for some work, and want to bond with your daughters over a movie, have a look at these 20 movie ideas for moms and daughters to watch together

10. Discuss the Movie

Apart from popcorn, the best part about the movie night is the candid discussion after the movie. Make sure to start the movie early, so that everyone has time to sit after the show and discuss the plot, characters, and anything related to the film. While munching on the leftovers and snacks, you can talk about a particular scene, or a character that you didn’t like, and let everyone review the movie.

Effects of Watching Movies With Your Family

A wonderful way to spend time with your family on the weekends is to have movie evenings. Nothing beats cuddling up to watch your favorite movie, regardless of how big or tiny your family is. Additionally, watching movies together as a family is a simple and affordable pastime. Even in the privacy of your own condo home, you can enjoy this pastime. You just need to have your snack ready—probably a tub of popcorn—set the table and TV up, turn on the TV, and start the movie.

Even though this activity is less expensive than other family activities like visiting amusement parks or traveling, it nevertheless provides the same advantages. According to research, spending time with your loved ones while watching a movie is healthy because it fosters traditions, family cohesion, and bonding.

Here are 10 advantages of viewing movies as a family.

1. Strengthens Family Bonds

The emotional ties between family members are substantially strengthened by spending time together. Watching movies together is a great method to accomplish this. Togetherness among family members is fostered as well as enjoyment for all when watching movies with loved ones.

A great approach to spend time with your partner and kids and strengthen your family bonds is to watch movies together over the weekend. To get the most out of this activity, though, make sure the movie you plan to watch is age-appropriate for the family members.

2. Promotes academic success

Family Facts claims that spending time with your family on activities like movie nights is a great investment. In actuality, as compared to other kids, kids who spend time with their parents perform better academically.

According to studies, kids who spend time with their parents on the weekends perform better on tests and graduate more frequently than those who don’t. Conversely, kids who spend less time with their parents find it harder to concentrate in class.

3. Lessens behavioral problems among children

The reduction of behavioral issues in kids is one advantage of movie watching. Without family time, kids are more likely to engage in negative behaviors like stealing and cheating. As a result, sharing a movie with your kids is a good way to teach them moral principles.

Parents can also help their children understand the social circumstances they witness in the movies. Instilling the right values in your kids will help them grow into better people.

4. Result in less violent kids

Watching a movie with your loved ones is one of the best weekend activities. In addition to being a fun pastime, watching movies fosters good relationships, which results in less violent children. Children who do not feel a deep connection to their parents are more prone to engage in violent behavior and act irresponsibly.

5. Lower risk of substance abuse

Teenagers who spend more time with their parents are less likely to take drugs. Teenagers who spend less time with their parents are twice as likely to take drugs like cocaine, marijuana, or other illegal substances in the future. 

Spending time with your children while viewing your favorite movies in the privacy of your condo is a great way to avoid this.

Flat screen tv image

6. Boost self-confidence

Making your family closer by watching movies together over the weekend is a nice idea. Your children’s self-esteem and confidence will increase once they see how close-knit their family is. Children from close-knit families also interact with their peers more freely.

Activities that foster family unity, like watching movies together, help kids be more productive and boost their confidence.

7. Provides greater intimacy among parents

Not just kids benefit from watching movies. Additionally, it benefits married couples. Spending time together fosters greater closeness, improved communication, and a stronger tie, all of which enrich your marriage. Additionally, you can provide a positive example for your kids’ future relationships.

Couples who watch romantic comedies together are better able to handle issues with marriage, which lowers the likelihood of divorce and annulment.

8. Lessen sibling rivalry (Siblings get along more)

Children constantly crave parental attention. Sibling rivalry develops when parents aren’t able to give all of their attention to one child at a time.

A family movie night provides many opportunities for parents and children to connect. In turn, children will experience love and a sense of equality among siblings, which decreases sibling rivalry.

9. Increases trust among family members

Simple family bonding activities, like watching a movie together, give family members a feeling of safety and coziness. Spending time with your family instills confidence in your other family members.

Having movie night with your family is a great way to strengthen your relationship. Spending time together as a family might help break down any barriers. A good moment to laugh is during a movie. After seeing the film, you and your family members can discuss the standout portions to further strengthen your bonds.

10. Improves social and communication skills of children

Children first develop their social and communication abilities at home. Children first learn how to build relationships with others at home, in other words. As a result, encouraging your children’s communication abilities can be done by viewing your favorite movie with them on the weekends.

Children are also encouraged to cooperate and work with others when you watch movies with them.

Family Movie Nights – Home Theatre


Going to the theatre is fun, but watching a movie at home with your family, on your favorite couch, is an unmatched experience. With these easy tips for having a great family movie night, you can create a nice home theatre, bring the feel of a cinema into your living room, and spend some quality time with your family. We hope that with these tips, you will create some unforgettable memories with your loved ones and bond over popcorn fights!