Tips for Getting a Parent to Move to Assisted Living

Getting a parent to agree to move into assisted living can be a challenge. Determined to stay in their homes and often stubborn about their wants and needs, it’s not unusual for older adults to resist change. As the child of a senior resistant to assisted living, a nursing home, or another alternative living arrangement, it can be tricky to get Mom or Dad to put their safety first. The good news is that a move to assisted living can be done if you take your time, stay honest, explore options, and ensure your loved one they’ll remain connected and have a better quality of life. For a few things to consider that might help with making this transition easier, read on.

Exploring Options Honestly

When a parent is resistant to moving into assisted living, one of the best things you can do is have an honest discussion about their wants and needs. After having that discussion, it’s a good idea to help your feeling to feel as involved as possible in their choices. Taking them on tours of excellent facilities like Cedar Ridge nursing home or another skilled nursing facility is a good way to let them see for themselves that assisted living facilities could be the answer to your family’s need for ongoing support and quality of life for the older adult you love.

Start with calling the facility you’re interested in touring and be honest with the admissions person about your parent’s hesitations. They’ll likely be able to reassure you and your parent about what their facility can offer. It won’t be the first time they’ve heard about concerns and they’ll have the tools to help smooth the transition and make the experience better for everyone.

Planning the Move

Once you’ve chosen a facility you and your family member feel comfortable with, planning the move well in advance is a good idea. Assuming you’ve toured the facility you’re interested in ahead of time, you already know whether or not you need to look into cargo van rentals or if your parent’s new home will be furnished. If you need the help of a moving company or van service, booking well in advance is a good idea, especially in light of the pandemic.

When planning your move for your parent, make sure to check in with your parent about how they’re feeling. A big transition like moving to assisted living can come with emotional ups and downs. When in doubt, consider hiring a family therapist to help make the transition easier.

Maintaining Connections in Assisted Living

Staying close to your support network including friends and family is a good way to stay mentally well. This applies to the older adults in your life, too. Before moving to assisted living, plan ways your family member will stay connected. Maybe this means regular visits. Perhaps this means a facility with a social club and regular recreation. Having a solid plan for their entertainment and ongoing connection will help your parent to get excited about changes ahead.

Engaging in self-care activities with friends and family after the move to assisted living is extremely important to a smooth transition. Consider booking day trips to the spa or a favorite restaurant in advance so your parent has something to look forward to after the move. A moving celebration could be a great idea, too.

In the end, you’ll have better odds of convincing a parent to move to assisted living if you remain patient and explain what a great job skilled nursing and assisted living facilities do in providing recreational activities for seniors. Helping your parent or loved one to see that the options out there range from luxurious suites to apartments with the feeling of home will help. Best of luck to you as you and your family make this transition.