Tips For A Relaxed Weekend

It is quite stressful when you spend time relaxing away from home on a weekend and then as soon as you return home, all of it is undone. If you’re like most people, you likely want to enjoy that relaxed and happy feeling for as long as you can!

I’ve actually shared a couple of my personal travel tips which will help make your weekend break quite relaxing. So, I’ll now get into seven of my best tips that will surely make your week and even month after your relaxing weekend a lot more enjoyable.

1. Get The Washing Done

If you want to enjoy an extended break, you’ll need to do some prep. So, before you go on your relaxing weekend, make sure that your laundry bin is completely empty. Even though this isn’t fun, it will be a lot more distressing if you need to do the laundry when you return. After all, a bin full of dirty laundry isn’t a happy sight.

2. Delegate

Another way to get your clothing cleaned is to get someone to clean them during your break. This will ensure that you return home with clean clothing in your suitcase.

3. Change Your Bedding

If you want to enjoy a refreshing ambiance when you return home after your break, you should change your bedding before you leave. This will ensure that when you return home you’ll have lovely clean and fresh sheets on your bed to greet you. There is nothing more enjoyable than lying down on a clean bed.

4. Spa – DIY

I’ve actually talked about this tip already on Guilty Travel Secrets, so it shouldn’t be surprising. You should pack your hotel’s toiletries and bring them home when you leave, especially if you stayed at a fancy hotel. This will allow you to continue to enjoy the comforts of the hotel when you return home.

5. Pay Attention To The Scent

Nice hotels usually have a signature scent from particular sprays or candles. In most cases, you can buy the scent and take it home with you. So, be sure to ask your hotel’s reception if they have any available for sale. Remember, your senses are very powerful and when you return home and light the candle, it will take you back to your relaxing weekend.

6. Shop

Before you leave, you should ensure you have food available at your home. Due to the fact that you’ll only be away for a weekend, the food should remain fresh. This is an important tip because if you have to go get fast food after you’ve returned from your relaxing weekend, it can completely undo your relaxed vibe.

You should also have dinner available so that you don’t have to worry about getting something last minute.

7. Book Another Weekend

One of my absolutely favorite ways to get rid of the traveling blues is to simply book another weekend break asap at My Hotel Break. Life certainly feels a lot more relaxed and manageable when you have another vacation to look forward to. So, make sure to book another relaxing weekend and you’ll definitely feel much happier over the weekend and following weeks.