Tips and Tricks for Making a Great Birthday Slideshow or Video to Surprise That Special Someone

Birthdays are important! They come only once every year, so why not make them the best day of the year? It is actually a great opportunity for you to express your feelings for a particular person by honoring their day of existence. Candles, cakes, gifts, they are all the usual stuff to celebrate birthdays. However, to make that someone special feel loved and cherished; you need to go extra miles and here’s how:

Do you know you only need to use your creativity to make the special day of your beloved memorable for a lifetime? Just create a birthday slideshow or a video of your special moments and surprise them in an inventive way.

In this post, we will discuss some innovative birthday video ideas for someone special, a few tips and step-by-step guideline to create a slideshow video. Keep reading. 

Tips For Creating a Highly Watchable Video For Birthdays

Before moving to the main topic, take a few minutes to read about some useful tips to make a great birthday video. 

  • Seek Help From Family and Friends – mostly friends and family member of that specific person have some amazing videos and photos that you can use in the video. Don’t hesitate to ask them to share with you.
  • Use A Template – luckily, you don’t have to put much effort to compile a video, all thanks to the free templates available on the Internet. 
  • Create Video With Pictures Only – yes, that is possible. You can create a video of static pictures by simply adding effects, animated text and transitions. 
  • Don’t Neglect The Music – a right choice of the soundtrack has the power to turn any video into a masterpiece. So, choose one thoughtfully. 
  • Personalize – the main ingredient of a successful birthday video is personalization. Be it font styles, colors, animation themes, etc. 
  • Length of Video – if you wish to share the video on social media, then keep its length short to get more views. If it is for slideshow play in the birthday party background; the video needs to be long.

How To Make Birthday Slideshow Video For Someone Special By Using Free Templates 

Make Birthday

Creating a birthday video doesn’t require any rocket science. A detailed guideline is created for you below; have a look: 

Step 1: Gather All The Data

Before even opening the application; it is important to gather all the data beforehand, including pictures, video clips, quotes or anything you want to be in the video. 

Step 2 – Select A Template 

There are a variety of free templates available online, choose the one that you think will go the best with your data. For a decent birthday video, it is suggested to go for a simple template, which can be customized with quotes, effects and more.

Step 3 – Choose a Theme

In order to give a unifying feel and look to your video, choose a theme. It can be as simple as adding the recipient’s favorite  color or theme. For example, if s/he is an animal lover; you can opt for a pet-themed birthday video.

Step 4 – Add Music

If the video you have selected already contain some kind of music; ideally you need to mute that and add a soundtrack or tune for a uniform feel. The best part is; you can be creative with your choice by either choosing the recipient’s favorite song or surprise them by recording a message in you own voice. Click here for birthday party song ideas.

Step 5 – Add Stickers and Texts

The last step is to add stickers or text to the video. Although it is totally optional, but would only leave a great impression on the receiver, so why not getting benefited from it?

Making Slideshow Birthday Video Online 

Don’t have much time left to pick colors or layout designs for a slideshow video? No problem! You can use an online editor for the purpose. You just have to add your pictures, and the application will do the rest; from changing themes to colors and layout. 

Features To Look For In An Effective Editing Tool


You can find tons of applications online that claim to edit your videos and pictures professionally, but all of them are not able to deliver well. Here is the list of some of the features that can help you choose the right one.

  • Make sure it offers fully customizable videos, images, text animations, elements, themes and music.
  • Allows a seamless and smooth video editing experience and that too within the browser. 
  • May contain a variety of video and photo editing tools, like speed controller, image background removal, masking, picture-in-picture, rotation, video trimmer, flipper, splitter, filters, text animations and dynamic elements, etc.
  • In order to prevent loss of the video, ensure that the application allows cloud storage and support data sharing on other mediums, including PC download, Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube, clickable links, this alternative, and more.

Make Your Someone Special Feel Over The Moon By Using These Ideas


Now that you know how to make a slideshow video, the next step is to think of a creative idea that displays your affection towards the receiver. To help you out, we have listed down a few ideas for birthday slideshows, which may interest you. 

  • Birthday Letter 

Tell you beloved what they really mean to you by sharing a heart-melting text along with the video clips and photos. The letter could be about anything: how you met, what do you like most about her/him, how they make you feel, talk about the moments you shared together, recall memories and more. 

  • Surprise With A Timeline Slideshow Video

A timeline slideshow video is sure to make your lover emotional and admired at the same time. For those who are not aware of the timeline slideshow: it is basically a visual representation of importance events of someone life. 

You may need to go extra miles to make such video as it would require images that you may not have (from early years or family pictures). However, digging into their social media account or asking a close friend or family member to help may solve your problem. 

  • A Video With a Personal Touch

A personal touch to anything can make it precious and unique; same goes for a customized birthday video. It could be the trip down to the memory lane, some jokes that only you two know about, talk about the dreams you want to fulfil together, highlights of the moments you shared, a romantic poem or quotes, a voice over message and the list is endless. 

  • Birthday Party Recap

Too late to post a birthday wish? You can still make a video using all the pictures from the evening and relive the moments. Share the pictures for the ones who couldn’t attend the surprise birthday party. Just make sure to take a lot of photographs of the birthday girl/boy with different probes because it is their day, and you need to make sure they know how much it means to you.

  • Birthday Song

If you don’t have your partner’s pictures or videos to share or you are not comfortable in doing so, then this idea will work great for you. Make a video of yourself singing Happy Birthday song for someone special and record a sweet message along. This tip never fails, try it.

  • Interview Video 

Involve family and friends of your lover to create an interesting video in which they record birthday wishes and a few good words. Compile the clips in one video and share it with the birthday person.

  • Bloopers Video

There are surely some funny and crazy moments in a couple’s life that are close to the heart. This birthday video idea is about combining those fun memories in a slideshow video and show it with your partner.

Popular Sending Options For Birthday Videos

Now that you have successfully made a special birthday video, the next big milestone is to choose a platform to share it. There are many options to do so. Check out the chart below for a detailed description. 

Sharing Medium  Method Benefits  Duration
Send Via Email There are two ways to do it: either attach the file or upload on the drive and share the link. A decent and private way of expression, especially if you or your lover don’t like to stay in the limelight  1 to 2 minutes 
Social Media Upload  Just upload the video on social media account and tag the relevant person. Owning the person you love in front of the world is special on its own. 30s to 1 minute
Put it on the story  Facebook,  WhatsApp and Instagram give you the freedom to put pictures and videos on the story for a short while. You can customize the privacy settings; it will disappear in 24 hours 30s
Project it in the background  Use a projector device with USB to display the video on the wall or screen. It adds a great surprise element to the birthday party; only the invited guests will be able to watch it. 5-10 minutes 
Watch together on TV Play it on the TV or laptop via a link, Bluetooth or casting video You can add private moments that you wouldn’t want to share with anyone and can watch the slides while being around.  As long as you want to be in those moments. 

Happy Video Making!

One of the best things you can do for your partner to make her/him feel special is to celebrate their day of existence. No matter,  if you are in a long-distance relationship or living together; making an appreciative birthday video will up your game. Moreover, creating a slideshow is easy-peasy with a bunch of software available online. All you are required to do is; use your creativity and follow the tips and tricks that are already discussed above in detail.

The best part is; these birthday videos last forever. You can watch it 10 years after the making, and it would still feel like yesterday, appreciating and reviving all the good days. Your lover will be forever grateful for this; guaranteed. 

Happy video making you all!