Time From Emotions to Emojis

Do you ever wonder, if the love of your life, your boo is thinking enough about you? Or do you feel the need to drag some attention on your side? Well, we can’t precisely say that men are low maintenance but women for sure stand on the other side of the line. Attention, drama, extravagant expressions are ways to a woman’s heart. A random gift for no reason is like a win-win situation, but if you are wondering of reaching her party place without a gift, then you are in serious trouble. The world has shifted from emotions to emojis and so have simple wishes into gift sprees.

A gift for a girl starts like a complete lavish food menu. A bunch of balloons in your car, some petals around the seat, a pendant that says I love you and remember to dress nicely too, it matters. On her special day, she is in for all possible attention. She may even forget to say thank you right then, but she will reserve a seat for you in her heart forever. All women deserve gifts as a token of love, appreciation, and constant care that they render selflessly for their loved ones.

The love equation and chemistry with all the amazing women you have in your life is different. A motherly bond is selfless and most genuine. A sister loves you the most, but her mischievous grin just wouldn’t let it show. And when it comes to the love of your life, the partner you share a completely different feeling when you find comfort with each other and know what love is when it is not bound to happen.

Lend all your brain and heart to find a perfect gift for girlfriend. Because you don’t want to lose what you have. Bragging gifts isn’t even high maintenance anymore; it is a ritual. If you want your gift to take place in the centre of the picture that will go online, then pay attention to what’s below:

  • To the moon and back

Yes, love should be to the moon and back but so should your gift. Yes, women scream when they find their perfect gift and along, their ideal man, that scream should go to the moon and back. Give her no reason to hold back but go extra mad on her special day. She may anyways remember very little the next day but, this moment she should remember.

  • Not the shopkeeper’s choice

Don’t give a shopkeeper the right to decide what you give your girlfriend, take charge, and this time without haggling get her something customized. Thoughtful people sell printed mugs online, the idea is not pottery, but it certainly is to get a beautiful mug with a hearty quote, the cutest picture and the three magical words written in small letters but big gestures. A picture of a morning face can be the right choice.

  • The language of love is one, gifts!

Some say that love has no language; you need no words to describe what’s going on in your racing heart. And indeed so says your girl. But a lesser-known fact is that women like gestures a little over the line, that top all others and make them feel the most special. There’s no debate on the extent to which women go when it comes to gifting their prince charming.

You may think about it each year but never attempt. It’s only because you haven’t encountered the sweetest smile on your girl’s face yet and the shine in her eyes. It is to die for. Women tend to live in a fantasy world only because there aren’t any princes fulfilling their dreams. Be the one. It’s worth it.