Things to do in Oneonta

The incredibly scenic landscape of Oregon and Columbia River Gorge hides even more beautiful Oneonta Gorge. The name came after town Oneonta in New York, where Carleton Eugene Watkins, the first man who photographed the Gorge in 1851, came from.

The area around Oneonta Creek is unique because of its variety in a temperate rainforest, including ferns, mosses, cliches, etc. Some species grow only around the Columbia River. You can also find numerous species of wildflowers. Among top attractions, there are four waterfalls within the Gorge.

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Oneonta attractions

You can reach Columbia River Gorge and Oneonta Gorge by car. There are a 72 miles Historic Columbia River Highway with numerous viewpoints on the gorgeous Columbia River. The Oneonta Gorge features many waterfalls and temperate rainforests. Lush vegetation doesn’t have an official trail. The Oneonta Creek is the trail, and several hiking trails are going around the mountainous areas and parts of the Gorge.

The cracks in the basalt sediments were washed over 14 million years, and the result is a steep incredible slot canyon that runs for miles. The major attractions in the Oneonta canyon are four waterfalls. You can find Lower Falls, Middle Falls, Upper Falls, and Tripple Falls. The most visited part of the Gorge is Lower Oneonta Falls.

The best time to visit is in the summer months when the weather is perfect. You will need to walk through the relatively cold water upstream, go through the rocky bottom, and go over some fallen logs and trees, but the sights are extremely rewarding. The water can be shallow, or if you come in different seasons to the waist-deep.

You can see Middle Oneonta falls from a footpath. If you want to see Upper Falls, you will have to go p the creek or climb down the canyon wall. You can check out Triple Falls from few viewpoints on the trails in the canyon.

Oneonta Gorge Hike

Among several hiking trails in the Gorge, the most popular is Oneonta Gorge Hike. In this moderate to strenuous hike, you’ll need to overcome water in the creek, sharp stones in the water, and climbing over the logs. You can find yourself in the water up to the waist and walk on the creek bed’s unstable ground. The reward is a close-up look at Lower Oneota Falls. The best time to visit is in the summer because water can get too cold in other seasons.

Oneonta Trail is a demanding path up Larch Mountain. On this 1.7 miles trail, you will see Triple Falls and the Middle Falls. The Upper Falls are around 1 mile upstream and require climbing down a canyon wall to see it.  The trail leads to Larch Mountain Road, some 500 meters from Larch Mountain Picnic Area. If you want to have an incredible view of the Columbia River Gorge, follow Sherrard Point further.

You can combine Oneonta Trail with more remote challenges like Bell Creek Trail and Horsetail Creek Trail. Another beautiful trail in the vicinity is Gorge Trail.

Hotels near Oneonta Gorge

The whole region is filled with attractions like Multnomah Falls, one of Oregon’s most visited attractions, and the Columbia River Gorge. You can find excellent accommodation close by. Some 10 miles from the Gorge is a small place Cascade Locks, and there you’ll find Best Western Plus Columbia River Inn. There are various room types, and the best ones have an incredible view of the river. The hotel has fitness, and an indoor pool, among other amenities.

Skamania Lodge I located in the Gorge National Scenic Area, and its surrounded by beautiful nature with plenty of well-maintained outdoor areas. Inside, you’ll get excellent accommodation and spa facilities.

Other well-reviewed hotels in Cascade Locks include Camas Hotel, Comfort Inn Columbia Gorge Gateway, Best Western Sandy Inn, Mt.Hood Oregon Resort, and many others.

Portland is also close to Oneonta Gorge, and you can find even more top hotels there.

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Bottom line

Slot canyons are unique features of the Pacific Northwest region and combined with lush vegetation. They create an incredible place to visit. The trails in Oneonta Gorge are not for everyone, and other courses are difficult and challenging due to terrain and heavy rains. There are over 70 waterfalls in Oneonta Gorge’s vicinity, with four just in a couple of miles of the incredible slot canyon.