The Ultimate Guide to make use of heavy full-length mirror at different parts of home

Boring, old and bland, say no to your old interior designs and adopt the latest trends to make your home worth every glance. Do you want to revamp your living space? Yes? Then do it like never before! We totally recommend installing full-length mirrors at different parts of your home. We bet; this is nothing you have ever imagined. Modern day full-length mirrors are the epitome of class and taste. Want to know about different ways of utilizing full-length mirrors? Stay tuned!

Why is a full-length mirror essential in every home?

1. Reflects your taste

Full-length mirrors are a staple for every modern home. They are versatile and reflect an aspect of your taste. We are sure, you would love it if your house looks unparalleled. Well, guess what? The use of full-length mirrors at home can create a sophisticated ambiance that looks elegant and unique. Ready to experiment with full-length mirrors? Hold tight fellas, because everything you need are full-length mirrors!  Let’s check out some of the full length wall mirrors you’ll find here

2. Makes any place look spacious

Believe us or not, heavy full-length mirrors have the quality of making any space look vividly spacious. Especially, only limited spaces are required for modern housing and architecture. Yet, if you want to have to make your house look open and vivid, the use of full-length mirrors is your best bet. These mirrors can create an illusion of space which is as fascinating to look as it sounds.

3. Full-length mirrors create luminosity

Have a quest for airy and well-lit home like those shown at Tumblr? Well, you are just one step away from the home of your dreams. Get hold of these full-length mirrors and install them at your favorite spots in the house. Mirrors let light pass through and create an outlook of a highly illuminated space. So, click selfies in a well-lit home or simply enjoy a glance at yourself.  You have it all!

4. Renovate on Budget

Yes! We totally relate to housing blues and renovation costs. The installation of full-length mirrors is the ideal way to combat a skinny-jean tight budget. Who wants to spend a fortune on house renovations! After all, does everyone should have continual living expenses? So, conceal faults, scratches and marks using full-length mirrors. Rid yourself of the paint expenses and make the best out of full-length mirrors to your home. Isn’t this a total love-affair?

Creating a central focal point of a room is super expensive too. Especially when using famous paintings for this purpose. Most paintings are expensive to buy and hard to maintain. You can save up on the extra costs with full-length mirrors. Remember, full-length mirrors are ultimate eye-catchers.

5. Full-length mirrors can save up time and energy

Wondering why we said this? Well, surprise! Full-length mirrors can save up on your time and energy.  You can see it all without going the extra mile. Full-length mirrors help you save the hassle of deciding outfits too. No more late arrivals at work! So, install full-length mirrors and save yourselves from make-up shifts. Trust us, full-length mirrors do require extensive cleaning. All you have to do is clean them with a soft cloth and mirror cleaner and Voila!

Ideas to Use Full-length Mirror for having an enlarged space

  • Place it in the dining room

Full-length mirrors are an incredible way to create the illusion of an enlarged space in dining rooms. Most dining rooms are small in size and can look congested at times. All you have to do is, place a full-length mirror, horizontally on the wall adjacent to the dining table. This creates more space. It is the focal point of attraction of your dining room, making it look simply elegant and different.

  • Entrance lobby

No house is complete without a full-length mirror at the entrance lobby. Entrance lobbies are usually the smallest portion of a house. Yet, lobbies are impactful as an entrance. So, render a lasting impression at the entrance of the house using a full-length mirror. Get ready for a vivid and relatively spacious lobby.  Let people look at themselves before entering or leaving the house. Accentuate the mirror with the use of indoor plants and a few spotlights. We bet; it will look as stunning as it sounds.

  • Above a mantle

Do you have what it takes to create a regal space? Well, one top-notch way is to place a mirror above the mantle. Full-length mirrors can amplify the interior of a space and give it a unique twist. Perhaps, a framed mirror with a vintage look could add the oomph you are searching for.

Key notes while placing full-length mirrors at home

Keep check of a few aspects to make the best out of full-length mirrors. The addition of a mirror completes the look and speaks volumes for any space it is added to. So, the placement with adequate lights is one important factor. The full-length mirror should be placed in areas where there is ample light. And if you have spotlights, we promise, it is going to be a vision worth your glances. Everyone will love your home!

Similarly, full-length mirrors and loud decorative pieces do not complement one another. The best way to accentuate a full-length mirror is to install it next to indoor plants/ flowers or textured walls. This creates a statement on its own. Minimal yet modern and chic. Isn’t this simply amazing? And of course, the frame of the full-length mirror and its design should complement the furniture and other decorative pieces. For example, do not place a slim, sleek and modern full-length mirror next to a vintage interior. Perhaps, a rustic framed mirror would do better.

Modern or antique, full-length mirrors can accentuate any space and are worth all the hassle, all the pennies. Install full-length mirrors anywhere and change your living space.  Create a mosaic or use framed mirrors. Full-length mirrors are relatively affordable and easily accessible. So, do not wait anymore!  Order yours now and revamp your living space!