The Top Six Affordable Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Buying a gift for a coworker or superior can feel like a daunting task. How will you show thoughtfulness without overstepping your professional relationship? Unlike buying gifts for a loved one, you must not send the wrong message when you give a gift. For example, a dozen roses would be inappropriate because roses imply love. You also would not want to buy anything political or offensive. Workplace gifts such as gift baskets and digital photo frames are a great way to say you care without the risk of sending an inappropriate underlying message. Here are the top six affordable gift ideas for coworkers. 

1. Gift Cards 

Do you notice your coworker eating at a local sandwich shop every day for lunch? Do they always walk in with a morning coffee from the same coffee shop? A gift card to their favourite coffee shop or luncheon is a kind gesture. You can slide the gift card into an envelope with a thoughtful note. Your coworker will be ecstatic when they do not have to spend their hard-earned money on their favourite lunches. 

2. Personalized Gift Basket 

Personalized gift baskets are the most popular go-to gift for coworkers. Gift basket companies such as Baskits offer a wide assortment of options. You can splurge on a gift basket filled with different cheeses or a tasteful organic basket filled with soaps, bath bombs, and essential oils. You can order a gift basket online and have it delivered to your coworker’s desk. You do not have to travel store to store looking for the right gift. The best online stores offer full descriptions of what items are included in the gift basket along with pictures. Some stores offer personalization. For example, you can order a basket with your coworker’s name embroidered on an item and a custom note displaying a personalized message. 

3. Digital Picture Frames

It is fun to decorate your office space. You may have hung up pictures of your family and pets around your cubicle or hung them on your office walls. Like you, many of your coworkers enjoy adding a personalized touch to their workspaces. Digital picture frames are a great holiday gift for your coworkers. They can upload their favourite pictures and watch the display rotate through them. It is a very thoughtful gift that will bring a smile to your coworker’s face. 

4. A DIY Snack Box 

Many workers will tuck snacks into their drawers too much during the day. Do you notice your coworker always snacking on candy, chips, or snacks? You can easily create a snack box or basket with their favourite munchies. Once they have finished their snacks, the container can serve as a stylish storage box or fun plant holder. 

5. Personalized Mug 

A personalized mug is an affordable and thoughtful gift. You can order custom mugs online. The best online websites will offer a preview of the mug before you order it. Does your coworker love a specific sports team? You can order mugs with specific messages, names, and logos. Coffee mugs are available online in different shapes, sizes, and colours. You can buy a tumbler that will help keep your coworker’s drinks hot or cold much longer than the average mug. 

6. Desktop Decor 

It is always fun to redecorate your office. You may notice your coworker does not have a matching mouse pad, keyboard cover, and laptop case. Desktop and computer accessories are available online. The most affordable desktop accessories are bundled. Bundled computer accessories often are available at a discounted price. You will want to double-check that the cost of each item in the kit exceeds the price of the kit.