The Top 6 Swimming Pool Styles to Consider for Your Family Home


The Indus Valley, Egypt, and Roman civilizations left behind the oldest traces of swimming pools. Recreational activities, bathing, and religious rituals all took place in these pools.

Public swimming pools first started to be constructed in the 19th century, especially in Europe and the US. These early public pools were used for swimming competitions and exercise, and they were frequently found in cities.

Swimming pools started to appear in more and more private residences around the middle of the 20th century, especially in the United States. Homeowners may now install and maintain swimming pools more easily and affordably due to developments in technology and building materials.

Swimming pools are becoming a typical component of family houses all around the world. There are several pool designs and materials available, as well as a selection of extras and amenities like slides, fountains, and lighting.

One of the common observations about young children these days is how many of them are heavily reliant on technological devices for entertainment. They spend countless hours playing video games on their gaming consoles or viewing content on social media sharing sites. Unless forced, a lot of these kids wouldn’t go outdoors for physical activities.

Due to that, a lot of parents strive to outwork such tendency by creating a more dynamic home wherein young children have more options for fun than staying cooped up indoors glued to a screen. They work to set up a garden and even install a swimming pool where their kids can spend time and have fun during swelteringly hot days.  So you can completely rely on orange county pool builders to create such space for the kids.

And when it comes to swimming pools, there are so many different styles to choose from to fit every size of residential property. Therefore, if you are thinking of having one for the family, no doubt swimming pool companies in Dubai can build one that not only fits your space but also meets your other requirements. Here are some popular pool styles to choose from. And if you are looking for the best swim spa, click the given link.

1. Lap or skinny pool

This particular pool style is ideal for long and narrow properties such as townhouses with limited outdoor space or even high-rise apartments. The compact single-lane design makes for a particularly chic pool where a small family can indulge in play or also exercise.

To make a skinny pool more visually appealing, contractors say that surrounding it with plant beds is a fantastic idea.

2. Vanishing edge or infinity pool

If you want the look of seamlessness for your outdoor space, a vanishing edge or infinity pool is a suitable water feature for it. Some people, however, worry about how it may be a little tricky to tell where the pool starts and ends in the landscape.

But, highly experienced pool contractors say that this is not an issue with thoughtful design. They usually keep the vanishing edge of the pool quite shallow. Therefore, there’s no risk of drowning should one accidentally step into the pool.

An infinity pool is the epitome of luxury. There’s no distinct edge in the design because the water overflows or spills into a basin on one end of the pool.

An infinity pool is a common feature in hotel resorts because it makes the pool the perfect location for viewing a beautiful panorama. So, if you have amazing views around and beyond your property, this is the pool style for you.  Typically, pool companies use the best quality durable glass for the edge of the pool where the water spills over.

3. Spa pool

This type of pool is usually only big and deep enough for little children to swim in. However, this is the best place to be for those hot days when you want to be in the water while sipping a refreshing beverage.

Typically, this pool has fancy Jacuzzi-like features such as lights and bubble jets to massage the body. Also, it has seats to make soaking more comfortable and relaxing. Another advantage of this small pool design is it’s much less costly to use a heater for it. The family can get a warm soak together here on cold nights.

4. Dark pool

This is another modern design whose main pool features are dark-colored tiles and colorful LED lights. Many like to call this particular pool design a party pool because it’s very stylish, and the LED lights illuminating the pool create a party vibe.

The only problem with a dark pool is it may be difficult, at times, to detect how dirty it has become. But, this is a non-issue if you have a regular schedule established for professional pool deep cleaning and maintenance. Also, a  trusted pool contractor in Dubai says that to ensure the safety of a dark pool, a strategic illumination system is a must. Lights can be installed into the pool walls aside from overhead lights or lamp posts surrounding the pool.

5. Mediterranean pool

This is an incredibly luxurious design perfect for properties with an old world vibe. Much attention is given to architecture and landscaping. Special mosaic tiles or marble stones are used, and carefully picked accessories are abundant.

This pool style usually comes with fountains or waterfalls, and different kinds of statues to look like the ancient public pools during the height of the Roman-Greco empire.

6. Concrete pool

Concrete pools are quite popular nowadays, and they are very easy to build. They have this raw appearance to them, although they are treated with multiple safety and protective concrete coatings.

What’s nice about a concrete pool is that it’s the perfect style for certain modern home designs. Plus, it’s so easy to maintain. Clean-up is easy, and to restore its nice appearance, it just requires a new application of concrete coating.

All these lovely pool styles can easily be incorporated into your residential design with the help of professional pool contractors and landscapers. What’s more, with their experience and extensive knowledge, they can make sure that your swimming pool will be a true asset not only to the quality of your family life but also in boosting your property’s market value.

Important things to know before having a swimming pool at home

1. Aesthetics – The overall look and feel of your backyard can be significantly influenced by the design of your swimming pool. A beautiful, planted yard can be complemented by some styles, such as free-form or infinity edge, which are intended to look more natural. Your backyard might feel more formal and conventional if you choose other styles, like the standard rectangular or the Roman and Grecian.

2. Functionality – There are several levels of functionality available for different swimming pool designs. For instance, a kiddie pool is ideal for small children, whereas a lap pool is made exclusively for exercising. On the other hand, a spa pool is created for therapeutic and restorative purposes.

3. Space – Your choice of swimming pool style will also be influenced by the size and shape of your backyard. A traditional rectangular pool, for example, needs more room than alternative pool designs, although free-form pools can be made to fit into smaller or more atypically shaped backyards.

4. Maintenance – Depending on elements like the materials used and the features incorporated, different pool styles may necessitate varying amounts of maintenance. For instance, due to the way the water flows over the edge, infinity edge pools require more upkeep than other pool designs.


It’s a big responsibility to maintain a pool. It’s not just the regular maintenance and the cost that you have to think about, but the safety of the feature as well. Therefore, before getting one installed for your property, sit down with your family to discuss the pros and cons of the feature and talk with the great options like this Pool Contractor Miami.

Make sure that everybody understands the wide range of expected benefits from the pool. These include everything from health maintenance to recreation and entertainment, as well as attracting wildlife during the intensely hot and dry seasons.

At the same time, it’s best if all the members of the family know that there are safety procedures and other vital pool duties to perform. It’s imperative for the family to understand that there are certain behaviors to uphold around and when using the pool. This way, accidents, health issues, and other risks can be prevented effectively.


For your family home, there are a number of excellent swimming pool designs to consider, each with special characteristics and advantages. There is a pool style to fit every backyard and every family’s needs, from lap or skinny pool to concrete pool that include natural elements.

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