The top 5 Party Decorations for your child’s confirmation party

It’s important to introduce your children to the catholic faith at an early age. Confirmation is one symbol of a child getting to the real faith of the Catholic belief. It is actually a very significant religious sacrament that is observed in the Roman Catholic. Confirmation is a child’s first reception of the sacrament, which would mean a lot in his or her life. Depending on your customs, this party may be observed anywhere between the age of seven to twelve.

This particular day is celebrated with large family gatherings. The host should send confirmation invites to the guests in advance, communicating any details about the dress code and making other special announcements. The communicants will definitely wear special clothes for the occasion. Most people choose white garments as a sign of purity for the event. Depending on personal preferences, the day can be marked with small or large affairs. Regardless of the size of the party, there’s a need to plan beforehand and, at the same time, decorate the event venue perfectly. Planning in advance, as well as going through this useful reference, and choosing the best confirmation decorations will save you time and save you from all kinds of embarrassments.


The first thing that hosts should consider is the colors for the occasion. Decorate with the best colors and symbols for the event. The party tradition takes place after the church ceremony. The buffet and guests mingle is very practical. If the traditional party will be held in a room, it’s good to set a long Buffet table at one end with a floor-length white table cloth. Some people choose to add a red cloth layered over the white table cloth.   Look for table covers wholesale for variety of colors.  The colors of the balloons should be Caribbean Blue, pearlized silver and White with silver crosses.

Another important thing to consider is the table centerpieces, which should be Caribbean Blue. It’s also easy to choose from Silver or Gold print latex Balloons. If possible, you can mix these balloons in the table centerpiece Bunches.


The essential next thing to consider is the type of flowers for the occasion. Most people choose to glue a small silver cross to the ceramic vase. The ceramic vase should be white. It should now be filled with baby’s breath and white lilies. Lilies are considered as Religious symbols for transition, Mary, purity and the divine trinity. It’s also important to choose deep red roses and carnations. The red, in this case, stands for the Pentecostal flames. Additionally, choose bright yellow gerbera daisies. These evoke faith and the trinity making the celebration a whole religious thing. The vase should be placed in the center of the cross that is created by lace runners. Eventually, arrange the feather doves around the vase.

Bistro-Style Tables

Each of the Bistro-style tables should be treated as an individual main table. The Bistro-Style tables should be layered with white clothes to the floor. If possible, red clothes should top the white layer.  Besides this, anchor a clear glass cylinder to hold a single white lily or even carnation. The clear glass cylinder can contain clear florist’s marbles. This will make it strong enough to maintain the clothes in the position. To make it even cooler and classic for the occasion, add a tiny white feather dove to the cylinder. It’s also important to add red glass and tea lights in clear holders in all the tables. This is especially the case if the event is held at night.

Tiered Tree of Frosted Mini-cupcakes

The last thing to do is  certainly to set a tiered tree of red and white frosted mini-cupcakes. They should be put on either end of the Buffet table. This is for the children who are always guests in such receptions. For people that are serving sheet cakes, ensure it’s decorated with swirls of red and gold. It’s always perfect against white icing. For the plates, it’s always a good idea to go for white and gold plates and clear plastic glasses. Remember, more children than adults will be attending the occasion, and with glasses, they can cause a mess. Plastic glasses are hard to break and can be recycled after this party. The buffet is supposed to be filled with tempting platters of finger foods.

Confirmation party planning

Besides thinking about the decorations, it’s very important to plan the party in advance. The very first things that are likely to cross your mind are the guest List and the Budget. In most cases, you will definitely need to send Confirmation invites to your friends, relatives and the child’s classmates and their parents. Just be careful when making the guest list because you don’t have to invite everyone. Only invite the classmates and their parents but at least the ones you’ve met in person once or twice.

You also don’t need to be very formal with the invites. This shows that emails, Phone calls and Text messages are acceptable for such an occasion, especially if you’re inviting your closest friends. But inviting distant friends, it’s always important to send them first Communion Invitations.

Personalize the decorations

This is actually the best time to personalize and highlight everything your child loves and holds dear. What are some of the colors she likes? What are her best foods and flowers and décor images? Always have this in mind before completing the preparations. The party will be uniquely special to celebrate the child, and so it’s important to include decorations that the child holds dear.

Together with the preparations and the decorations, what are some of the best songs and fun activities the children will participate in? The dance floor will definitely attract more attention than any other place. So, hand-select the music and some of the songs the kids and the friends love. The event can even be more memorable by offering some fun activities for the adults. The activities should be fun for all the people present, such as a private photoshoot with the animals or a tour of the Aquarium.