The Top 5 Benefits of Prebiotic Soda

Prebiotic soda is one of the biggest health beverages created in the last few years. They are far more healthy than other traditional sodas and better tasting than kombucha could ever hope to be. The ingredients and flavors may change from brand to brand, but the overall effect is clear: prebiotic soda has a list of benefits that anyone can enjoy.

1. Better Gut Health

Your intestines are full of beneficial bacteria and other flora, this is called your “microbiome” or probiotics, and while everyone’s microbiome is unique to their body there are still tons of similarities. One of the main similarities is that gut flora need sources of optimal energy to feed on and flourish.

When you eat food, some of the fiber in that food is prebiotic, meaning not only is it food for you but food for your microbiome as well. The better sources of prebiotics you consume, the healthier and happier your microbiome will become. This helps you feel better, and in many cases, it can make you think and focus better as well.

2. Better Brain Health

Many people don’t realize it, but the health of the brain and the gut are closely linked and just as making one unhealthy can significantly reduce the health of the other, the opposite is also true. By boosting the health of your microbiome you can also enjoy several mental health benefits as well. Some brands of prebiotic soda, such as vina, even incorporate the addition of trace minerals like magnesium which have also been shown to improve brain function.

The brain and the digestive system are linked via a nervous system referred to as the gut-brain axis. This means they are connected by millions of nerves and that the constant communication between those two systems can either be improved or reduced by altering their health. Better health in your gut means better health in your brain and more efficient and effective communication between the two.

The mental benefits that prebiotic soda drinkers can experience include increased mental clarity and reduced brain fog. Additionally, once the gut flora has improved it begins producing corrected levels of various substances such as fatty acids, aminos, and vital neurotransmitters.

3. Healthier Blood Sugar Activity

Conventional sodas often have immense amounts of sugar in them, sometimes with a single serving having close to or even more than, the recommended daily allowance for an average adult. Not only can this sugar cause wild swings in blood sugar and insulin levels, but that amount of sugar is also devastating to much of the flora in the digestive system.

One of the best things about prebiotic soda is that it only has a few grams of sugar per serving, and this is often from the natural fruit juices blended with apple cider vinegar. Since there is far less sugar, there is a greatly reduced impact on insulin and blood sugar.

4. Easier Diabetes Maintenance

Regular soft drinks can be dangerous to those with diabetes, and the diet versions somehow always taste a little “off”. With the negligible effect on blood sugar levels, prebiotic soda makes an ideal choice of flavored carbonated beverages for diabetes. It will still scratch that itch for a sweet fizzy drink, without sending the insulin response through the roof.

This makes it great to keep on hand for whenever the craving should strike, as well as perfect for stocking up on before holidays, gatherings, and cookouts. It gives adults and kids with diabetes a great alternative to the generally abundant, but nutritionally empty, soft drinks.

5. Aiding Weight Loss

One of the side effects of unhealthy gut flora is referred to as “gut dysbiosis”, which occurs when the microbiome is in a diseased state. Sometimes this is due to an infection of dangerous bacteria, and it can lead to a chronic inflammatory condition. This condition has been seen reliably in those with obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

When the probiotics in the gut are healthy, they produce more significant levels of appetite-regulating hormones. They can also increase the levels of fat-regulating proteins, which can reduce the body’s tendency to store fat. The increase in the health of Lactobacillus cultures specifically can help reduce belly fat.

 Prebiotic Soda Helps Improve Overall Health

While traditional soft drinks from the usual brand giants are tasty, they are loaded with processed sugars and they do nothing for you in terms of general health. Prebiotic soda on the other hand, not only tastes great, but it can lead to increases in your overall health, not just your digestion.