The top 10 things you can do with free stickers

1. Decorate

Lots of stickers are made up of animation characters, logos, flowers and are of different shapes or sizes. All these stickers can be used as an accessory to make a surface more appealing and colorful. For instance, you can add a few stickers to your laptop or tablet, or on a musical instrument like a guitar. You can also place them on the back of your phone cover. They will go a long way in making a place appear lively.

You can enhance your creative projects by utilizing the high-quality and customizable rub-on transfers offered by reputable companies.

2. Marketing

A lot of companies offer Free Stickers for various purposes, some of them being marketing their brand. They use stickers to make their name well known among people in order to have their product be more popular. If you love a particular brand, for instance, a makeup product, you can use these free stickers they give you as a marketing tool and spread the word as well.

3. Create awareness

Stickers come in pretty handy in creating awareness about a particular issue amongst a large number of people. It is also an easy and effective way to get the message out as you will not have to stop someone and talk to them about an issue. Most people tend to be hostile when you do so, which thus makes stickers an easier option. If you care about climate change, animal rights, or any other problem, then use stickers and place them, for instance, on your car where a lot of people will get the information.

4. Create a DIY item

If you have a party coming up, for instance, a birthday party, then you can use the stickers to create invitations or a personalized gift. You can do this with your child as well, for instance, if they get invited to one of their friend’s party. Creating a personalized gift using stickers will not only help them put their creative side to good use but will teach them the value of loving our friends and expressing this care to them.

5. Use them to showcase your individuality

This can be done wherever you are, be it at school, in your room at home, or at the workplace. You can use stickers on your desk or locker to showcase who you are, what you believe in and what you love. If you like Marvel movies for example, or flowers or even if you would want to express your faith, then stickers are one of the ways that you can use.

6. Create hooks

Hooks are pretty necessary at home, as you can use them to hang towels, coats or other forms of clothing. To prevent them from looking boring and plain, you can attach a sticker to one of your hooks in the bathroom or kitchen and create a nice design and appeal

7. Use them as a substitute for paint

If you are looking to change things up in your room, one of the things one always considers is to repaint. Instead of doing this, however, try using stickers on your walls. They will help to create a new look to the room and will enable you to save money on paint.

8. Seal items with them

When sending letters or thank you cards in envelopes, it is always a good idea to seal them. Instead of using glue, make use of the stickers you have and use them to seal up your mail to other people.

9. Give items some personality

You probably have a lot of tins and jars in your house that are plain and have no decorative pattern or design on them. They do not have to remain this way as you can slap on some stickers on those cans, including your garbage can to give them some personality.

10. Donate

If you have one too many stickers, consider giving some to your neighbors’ kids. Children love stickers and they will be really grateful and happy for them.