The T-Shirt – Every Man’s Favorite Style Piece

T-shirts have become the go-to choice of clothing for men as they require the least effort to pull off. It is a simple piece of clothing that can be worn almost everywhere.  There are t-shirts for almost every occasion, for example, you can wear a poker tee shirt if you are a poker fan. You may buy it from  Probably the best default item of apparel for most men, it is generally bought in bulk and only replaced when it starts falling apart. However, there are certain factors that you need to take into consideration to make that style statement while wearing a T-shirt.

Is it the Right fit?

Most women agree that men look attractive in a fitted Gildan 18000 T-shirt. This simple garment accentuates the masculine silhouette of the broad shoulders and narrow waist. However, the critical factor here is that it has to fit perfectly, highlighting your best physical attributes. It should neither look like a skin-tight workout top; nor like a bulky and baggy piece of cloth thrown on the torso. Allowing comfortable movement, a well- fitted T-shirt should never be or look restrictive; unless you are wearing one for sporting activity. Given below are some of the attributes of a perfect fitting T-shirt.

Shoulders – Neither hanging over; nor too short, the seams should sit perfectly with the edge of the shoulders.

Sleeves – These should never extend to the elbow, but should end somewhere in-between the shoulder edge and the elbow.

Length – The T-shirt length should extend past your hip bone and end at the waistband of your trousers.

Stomach – Unless you want to flaunt your six-pack abs, the T-shirt should conform to the curve of your body. Too loose and it would look like a sack; too tight and it would show every detail of your stomach. The best bet is to pick one with a tapered cut that does not drape your waistline.

Neck – There should not be a huge gap around the neck when the arms are lifted. Neither should it look like a hangman’s noose. Remember, there is a difference between a constricting collar and a tight one. A tight collar is one that fits snugly around the neck and retains its shape even after numerous washes. Finding the right one if you like t-shirts with a tight neck can be a tricky job if you are not aware of what to look for. T-shirts made with fabric that is a blend of polyester and ring-spun cotton hold their collars tight.

Which Type of Collar?

While there are many different styles of collars available, you need to match the collar when layering. Men with a small chest or sloping shoulders should wear crew neck collars as they create an illusion of broader shoulders. Short men should opt for V-necks as they create an illusion of height and length. Boat neck, scoop neck or a deep V-neck collar are best avoided.

Getting That Perfect Look

Generally, a T-shirt is best worn without tucking it in. However, depending on the rest of your ensemble, you can tuck in the T-shirt. That said, many like wearing the T-shirt tucked into their trousers/denim and carry off that look. The most effortless and understated look is a classic white T-shirt, jeans and a pair of boots. Remember Marlon Brando and James Dean? Another great way to carry off a T-shirt is to wear it under a checked shirt or jacket with dark-colored denim and a pair of loafers.

Can a T-shirt be Worn on all Occasions?

The best-dressed men are those who look and feel comfortable in what they are wearing. A well-fitted T-shirt, worn on its own or paired with a shirt or jacket will make a great impression. Unless it is a formal close collared occasion, you can wear a T-shirt anywhere. Wearing a T-shirt is acceptable in casual and most semi-formal occasions. That said, you need to ensure that your T-shirt fits well and retains its shape. A worn- out T-shirt is best worn at home. However, remember that you wear one that is designed as outerwear.

The Bottom Line

One of the biggest mistakes when buying a T-shirt is to look at it in isolation. It is important to look at the bigger picture – will you wear it by itself, are you planning to layer it with a shirt or a jacket, what about accessories that you will wear with it and most critical – does it suit your body type. Whether you are planning to make a style statement or just look cool and understated, your T-shirt should be well fitted to provide that perfect look.