The Most Viewed Cryptocurrencies List

In spring 2022, the cryptocurrency market experienced significant decline. Following the leading crypto asset – BTC – all other digital coins lose their value. This market cycle is called “downtrend” or “crypto winter”. As of October 2022, crypto rates are stable, and this is the best time to buy cryptocurrency because when the market trend changes, they will all increase. This is a chance to multiply investments during future market growth. In this article, we will provide the cryptocurrency list to consider when picking an asset to buy and explain how to do it from scratch using the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange.

The List of Cryptocurrencies to Buy Now

Picking an asset to buy, you should learn more about it:

  • Check out its current price and analyse its charts to identify how the asset behaved during previous market fluctuations.
  • See how big its trade volume is.
  • What is the asset’s market capitalisation?
  • What exchanges is it traded at?
  • Does it benefit the industry in terms of technology, or is it all about hype?

Today, the most viewed cryptocurrencies list looks as follows:

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Terra Classic
  3. Ethereum
  4. Cardano
  5. Solana
  6. Pilygon
  7. Chainlink.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency?

If you wish to buy one of the popular crypto assets, we recommend using a reliable cryptocurrency exchange WhiteBIT. If offers over 400 trading pairs and low commissions for transactions. The platform is convenient for use and its application works smoothly on all mobile devices. WhiteBIT implements complex mechanisms for protection of users investments and stores 96% of assets offline.

WhiteBIT provides up-to-date crypto rates and numerous tools for trading and investment. It has a large community of users and provides an internal token that facilitates the processes in the exchange and reduces trading fees.

The platform hosts only credible projects and crypto assets, expanding the list of its partners and increasing the adoption of digital assets in the world.