The Most Expensive Parts of Building a House

Some people are no longer happy with their existing homes because they have outgrown them. Perhaps there are more children now, people are working from home or they need extra bathrooms or parking spaces. It may be that a home renovation project will not be able to solve these issues. In this scenario and others, some people choose to build their own homes and others look for homes to purchase.

There’s no denying it: the project will take masses of planning, time, and money. It can be a highly disruptive season, but in the end, it will all be worth it. Right from the earliest discussions with a professional, it’s essential to create a realistic financial framework. Any architect will tell you that building projects frequently go over-budget, so it’s important to have a financial reserve available. This article discusses some of the most costly aspects of the house building process.

The Wood Element

Any builder will tell you that the framing is likely to be the most costly part of the process. It’s the wood that creates the walls. It’s actually quite difficult to accurately discern how much this will cost in advance, however. A building company from Perth says this is one of the reasons people turn to professionals for help. If you go to their website you’ll see that people are also looking for finance options when house building. They also seek obligation-free site assessments to keep costs down.

One key factor for wood costs is obviously the size of the house. The bigger it is, the more expensive the framing will be. The two types are:

  1. Stick framing (this is the most common option)
  2. Timber framing

People also need to budget for sheathing (the wood that covers the home) and trusses (the wood used to keep the roof in place). Outside may also need consideration, such as wooden fences or areas of wooden decking.

The Foundation

The cost of the foundation will be determined by the nature of the work required. At the top end would be an area needing excavation work, such as removing large rocks. Perhaps drilling needs to go down to bedrock level. Pylons may need to be put in place. None of these procedures are cheap.

If someone is building a house on boggy land, there must be no damp issues in the home. If raised foundations are created to avoid this, additional costs will apply.

Someone may be content that all they need is dirt and lots of it. While it’s not the most expensive material to buy, it does incur labor charges as it is transported and used.

The Foundation

Stone Materials

Once again, cement is not the most costly item on the planet, but the bills will mount because of the sheer quantity required.

If someone chooses costly decorations within the home, the prices should be well-researched in advance. People may choose such luxury materials as limestone or granite, marble, or genuine ceramics.

High Ceilings

There’s nothing better than having a ten-foot-high ceiling to convey a sense of luxury. The room doesn’t get bigger this way, but it will feel more spacious. Longer term, the rooms will be more expensive to heat.

A home is cheaper to build when standard fitted sheet sizes are used. When the ceilings are higher they will not be standard sizes. We mentioned framing costs earlier, and vertical wall framing does push costs up.

Higher ceilings can also generate the need for fire-blocking measures to be put in places, such as in the outside cladding or stud spaces.

Indoor Items

People have a choice whether to simply install a shower or a standard bath. Anyone choosing to have a spa tub, for example, must be prepared to pay two to three times more money.

Similarly, someone can choose to have either basic lighting or luxury chandeliers. If the latter is chosen, don’t forget that your house has many rooms and this can quickly add up.

The Roof

This naturally covers a large area, and the costs will depend on the size of the home and the materials used. Composition shingles will cost less than paying for wood shingles, slate, or tiles.

As we can now see, there are several areas that will be the most expensive. It may be that a balance will need to be struck between cost and quality. With the help of professionals, a budget and game plan can be set up. The project ahead will be challenging, but there is nothing more rewarding than being involved in the process from start to finish.

Plumbing and HVAC Systems

The primary systems are the following potential things that might be the most expensive component of building your home. This covers electrical, HVAC, and plumbing. You can make choices to reduce the cost of your plumbing and HVAC system, but you can’t do much about the expense of your electrical system. Plumbing redundant systems can be reduced with better building design. Additionally, you can choose the piping material for your property. There are many different methods you may use to cool and heat a home, so you can also opt for less expensive HVAC systems.

However, selecting less expensive HVAC systems could result in higher replacement costs. As long as the plumbing is still of a standard quality, selecting inferior plumbing won’t likely cause problems until the house is much older. We can offer advice on the types of major systems that would be best for your house.

Interior Finishes

Interior finishing touches can account for a sizeable amount of the cost of some luxurious homes. Interior finishes are probably one of your higher line items if you plan to purchase really high-quality finishes, appliances, fixtures, and other house amenities. Paint, fireplaces, flooring, drywall, trim, mirrors, worktops, cabinets, and other interior finishes are all included. Fortunately, you have total choice over interior finishes and may concentrate on what is most important to you. If you consider your kitchen countertop to be absolutely necessary, you may choose to choose an extremely pricey and distinctive piece while spending less on other things to make up for it. A talented house designer can assist you in striking the ideal balance between aesthetics and price.

Exterior Finishes

Depending on the choices you select for it, the exterior of your home may potentially cost a lot of money. In comparison to the other important components of your home, the cost of exterior stone, siding, or other finishes may not be that high. You can add a lot to the exterior, though, which will raise the price. The major components of your home’s exterior, such as porches, decks, patios, pools, decks, gardens, and other landscaping features, may end up being the most expensive portion of your house, especially if you decide to select several of them.

You have total control over your home’s external finishes, just like you do its internal ones. You have a lot of possibilities for cost-cutting measures. You might decide to concentrate exclusively on the features that are important to you. After all, that is among the greatest benefits of constructing a bespoke home.

The Lot

The cost of the land on which your home will be constructed will represent a sizeable amount of the home’s price. Not only does it include the price of the actual plot of land, but also the expense of measuring, checking, and perhaps even adding electricity and plumbing hookups. Although purchasing a lot in a less attractive location will save you money, there may be other fees involved, such as building driveways and road connections. Even though they are less expensive, less attractive lots can end up costing you more when it comes time to build the foundation. It’s a balancing act to choose a lot, therefore it’s a good idea to have professional assistance.


What areas of your home should you decrease costs in now that you have a general sense of which ones could be the most expensive? Everything from where you want to build your home to the things you want inside of it actually relies on your priorities. Working with a knowledgeable home designer and builder who can assist you in identifying your priorities and providing guidance on how to achieve them is the greatest method to gain a clear understanding of the best selections for you.