The Most Common Household Pests: A Simple Guide

Are you worried about finding pests in your home? If so, you’re not alone–and your fears aren’t unfounded.

Each year, over twenty million US housing units report seeing pests somewhere inside the property. There are certain types of pests that tend to make the most frequent appearances.

So, what are the most common household pests? What can you do to get rid of these pests?

Read on to find out more about the pests that may be in your home this summer and how to send them packing!

1. Cockroaches

We tend to associate cockroaches with dirty spaces. The reality is that all they need to survive are water and a source of food, and every household is capable of providing both! Some signs of a cockroach infestation include daytime cockroach activity, cockroach feces, and a musty odor.

2. Ants

Like cockroaches, ants are looking for a steady source of food and water. Unlike cockroaches, ants aren’t too concerned about finding dark places to hide. You’ll usually know that you have an ant infestation when you start seeing them marching through your kitchen or along your windowsills.

3. Mice

We have to admit that mice are cute–but feral mice don’t belong in your home. Mice may start to nibble on your fabrics, books, and other soft items but they’ll also leave urine and feces in their wake. Mice reproduce quickly, so once you spot one, it’s time to act fast.

4. Termites

We all know that termites target lumber, particularly the unfinished beams used to build your home’s skeleton and your deck. However, they will also chew through books, furniture, and even food products. Termites swarm both on foot and in the air and also leave a calling card: wood damage in the form of tunneling and blistering.

5. Rats

Rats are nimble creatures that can slip in and out of your home undetected. If you see them around your property, even if they’re just burrowing in your garden or running across electrical wires, you’re going to want to take preventative measures. Rats don’t just eat food; they also chew through things like electrical wiring and insulation.

What to Do About Common Household Pests

Most store-bought pest control products aren’t worth the money or the time. While they might get rid of the pest population you’re dealing with today, they won’t prevent pests from entering your home in the future. Instead, call pest control professionals in your area for your pest control and prevention needs.

Send Your Household Pests Packing

Whether pests make you squeamish or just a little annoyed, you don’t want to ignore their presence. Keep an eye out for common household pests and make sure to call your local pest control when you start spotting signs. Don’t let your home become the site of a damaging infestation!

Looking for more tips to boost your home management skills? We’ve got you covered. Take a look around to find tips, advice, and DIY guides that will help you turn your house into a dream home.