The Latest Jewelry Trends That Moms Are in Love With in 2021

Do you want to buy your mom a piece of beautiful jewelry? Here are the latest jewelry trends that moms are in absolute love with in 2021.

Thinking of giving your mom jewelry this year for Mother’s Day?

You’re not alone. US spending on jewelry gifts for Mother’s Day 2021 is expected to hit a whopping $4.6 billion.

However, when choosing jewelry, you want to make sure to give a piece that’s personal and will have special meaning to your mom. Don’t know where to start? You only need to look towards this year’s top jewelry trends for inspiration!

Here are some great Mother’s Day jewelry ideas that your mom is sure to love.

Big and Bold

You can be like everyone else and give mom standard gold or silver jewelry. You could also help her stand out by gifting her with a large, colorful statement necklace or brooch like the ones that were spotted on models at several Spring 2020 designer shows.

This trend isn’t for everyone, but if your mother likes to make a splash, then consider buying her a gold rope chain. You can check some of them here


Audrey Hepburn wore them in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Princess Diana wore them nearly all the time. We’re talking about that jewel of the sea that never goes out of style: pearls.

Pearl jewelry was plentiful on the runways for the Spring 2021 fashions. Although you can’t go wrong giving your mother a classic single strand of genuine pearls, she may also adore drop pearl earrings, multiple strand necklaces, or a bracelet.

Pearls are also making their way onto headbands and other hair accessories. If your mom loves them, consider giving her pearl-studded bling for her tresses along with a piece of jewelry. Also check out eye necklace as well.

Avian Inspiration

If your mom is a nature or bird lover, then this is her year! Jewelry inspired by our feathered friends is taking flight at several retailers.

Go playful with a pair of large colorful parrot earrings or give mom a feathery pendant on a necklace.  You can also check out heart necklaces as well.

Classic Lockets

The classic heart-shaped locket never goes out of style. Moms adore them so they can keep a photo of their child or grandchildren close to their own heart at all times. Sunflower Pendant is also a modern design that you mom will simply adore.

Lockets come in a variety of shapes and styles to suit everyone. Consider giving your mom a locket engraved with her name, the word “love”, or a short phrase that has meaning to her to make it more personalized.

Here’s where to buy floating locket charms that your mom will fall in love with!

Floating locket jewelry has modernized the trend by allowing the wearer to personalize a locket with individual charms. The charms can also be placed inside the locket for safekeeping.

Shop These Jewelry Trends for Mother’s Day

Choosing that special jewelry piece for your mom this Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be frustrating. This year’s jewelry trends are sure to spark some ideas.

If you’re searching for more Mother’s Day gift ideas, check out our latest events and holiday posts!