The James Bond Roulette Betting Strategy

Ian Fleming brought James Bond, aka 007, to life in his fiction books in 1953 which then were subsequently made into movies with the first one being released in 1962, Dr No, and starred Sean Connery who held the role of James Bond between 1962 and 1971 and then returned in 1983 in Never Say Never Again.

In 2006 Casino Royale was released with Daniel Craig playing Bond. James Bond’s character always like to gamble, he liked the sophistication of a casino, the elitism and the mystery. His favourite game was baccarat and poker but in Casino Royale James Bond tries his hand at roulette. The famous James Bond strategy is based on roulette. And you can also check to know the best and safest foreign casino sites without a Swedish license.

The James Bond roulette strategy was first shown in Casino Royale, the twenty first movie in the James Bond series, and is now a well known strategy. It works by the player placing only three bets and with a stake of just $200. These roulette tips only works on a French/European wheel as this has thirty seven numbers and not thirty eight like the American wheel.

With the player’s $200 they need to split their bet into one of $140, one of $50 and the final amount, $10, being the other stake. The reds, the blacks, the evens, the odds, and the low, one to eighteen, and the high numbers, nineteen to thirty six carry a 48% chance of winning. The James Bond strategy takes the highest stake, $140, and places this on the high numbers, typically nineteen to thirty six. The next stake, the $50, is then placed on numbers thirteen to eighteen and the final stake, $10, is placed on the 0. There will then be twenty five numbers in which the player can win on but only twelve in which they can lose on.

If a number between nineteen and thirty six comes out the player will make a profit of $80, if one of the six number between thirteen and eighteen comes out then the player is set to make a profit of $100 and finally if the ball lands on the zero then the player’s profit will be $160. If, however, the player is unlucky and the ball lands on a number between one and twelve then the player loses everything but next time doubles their stake on the same strategy.

With this strategy the player can accumulate earnings very quickly but as with any casino game can lose them just as quickly. Once the profit accrued it is recommended that the player walks away but the thrill of the win keeps the players going. It is suggested that this is the strategy used for when a player’s budget is healthy and they can therefore withstand a potential long losing streak.