The Importance of Having a Suitable Pillow for Your Neck

Having the right pillow is not just comforting, but also a vital factor in getting an adequate sleep that contributes to our overall health. Pillows play an important role in sleeping and also supporting the delicate structures of the head, neck, spine, shoulders, and hips. These can keep our upper body in alignment and relieve the pressure. Therefore, if we have the right pillow, it’s a huge help in alleviating many common forms of back and neck pain or any other joint pain we are experiencing.

If you feel like you have enough sleep, but when you wake up, your body is sore and achy, this means that you’re not sleeping on the pillow suitable for you. Sleeping on the right pillow has undeniable benefits of getting a good night’s sleep. Now if you think you don’t have the perfect pillow for you, check out this article as we outlined its benefits.

Ease Pain

As mentioned above, choosing the right pillow alleviates any forms of joint pain. Are you one of those people who suffer the discomfort of a stiff neck? Good pillows are supposed to relieve pressure from your neck, so if you’re suffering any pain when you wake up, consider changing your pillow. It affects the way your neck aligns with your spine, it’s either alleviating pain or putting more strain on your back. Experts from Kakun Sleep have confirmed that getting pillows that promote proper alignment of the body is life-changing for them. The key to getting the best sleep is to choose the perfect pillow based on your sleeping position. It should support the natural curves of our spinal areas otherwise muscular stiffness will occur and affects the quality of sleep. Remember that having the best and nourishing sleep is considerably beneficial to our overall well-being.


This is the most common benefit of using a pillow. It can be a little more subjective, what’s comfortable for you could be not the same for another person. When we shop, the first thing we check is its softness. It’s important to also consider how it can support our body when sleeping.

Factor in your body size and your sleeping positions. Pillows allow you to rest your head on an elevated area away from the rest of the body and should allow the distribution of your body weight while sleeping. Having the perfect pillow that can provide both comfort and support, you’ll be certain that you can sleep comfortably without waking up tired or feel numb.

Accommodate Sleeping Position

Each one of us has a unique sleeping position and it’s vital to consider this when choosing your pillow. You might probably overlook, but several pillows are labeled which sleeping position they suit best that can prevent neck pain or other joint pain. For instance, if you’re a back sleeper, opt for a flat and thin pillow that supports your neck, spine, shoulders to keep them aligned. You can also put another pillow on your knees to support the lower back. As for side sleepers who spend most of the night lying on their sides, a contoured pillow with firm support is suitable. A thicker pillow is needed for this position that can support the head and neck while keeping the body aligned. You can also put a pillow in between the legs to keep your body in a neutral position and allow the spine in alignment. This will also leave the back feeling strain due to sleeping on the sides.

The stomach sleeper is considered as the worst and bad position for the neck and spine. If you’re one of those people who sleep this way, you don’t need much support in your head. Thinner pillows are better to prevent the head from rising that can put more strain on the neck. Others also find comfort in placing a pillow under the stomach to prevent pain in the lower back. However, if it’s possible to adopt another sleeping position, it’s best to consult an expert about it. If you happen to have sleep combination patterns that are mentioned above, look for a pillow with high areas of side sleeping and lower for back sleeping.

Achieving the best sleep is needed to have a healthy life. It’s not hard as long as you understand better sleeping conditions. Choosing the perfect pillows will not just bring comfort and quality sleep, but also prevents neck and back problems in the future. If you already have a specific condition, make sure to consult an expert before it gets worse.