The Flooring Fixer: How to Bring Your Carpets Back From the Brink

We all love a good, clean carpet. However, not many of us love the actual act of cleaning it ourselves. Carpets are a tricky thing to keep in good shape, especially when compared to hardwood floors. They collect dust and stains incredibly fast, and if they’re not cleaned up right away- it’s usually an extreme pain to fix it. There are a multitude of ways to keep your carpets looking brand new, whether it be employing a simple lint roller or utilizing your favourite foam carpet cleaner. Read on to learn the best tips for keeping your carpet in good shape.

Fix Your Dents with Ice

Carpets will often get some pretty rough dents in them from heavy pieces of furniture. Fortunately, with a very odd trick – those dents can be removed easily. Using ice to fix your carpet dents is one of the more surprising cleaning tips, but it’s also one of the most effective. To use ice to fix your carpets, all you need to do is remove the piece of furniture, place a piece of ice on the dent and let it do its magic. If the ice trick doesn’t work on the first attempt, a good idea is to gently run a hot iron over the dent after applying the ice.

Clear Out the Bad Smells

If your carpet isn’t thoroughly cleaned regularly, it will likely develop a rather unpleasant smell which can affect the entire house. The most effective solution is to replace the offending carpets, but that’s only possible depending on your financial situation and if you aren’t renting. Using household cleaning solutions is a much more practical idea, and you will be able to remove the smell as soon as possible. Try to use bicarbonate soda on your carpets overnight, or utilize a white vinegar and water solution. If you want to go the more professional route, you can also purchase a cleaning solution from any supermarket and use that on the areas of carpet that are the most unpleasant. If you have a preferred fragrance for your home, it’s also a good idea to add a few drops of essential oils into your cleaning routine- so your carpet will emit beautiful scents throughout the day.

Be Careful with the Vacuum

Obviously, vacuuming your carpet is important and may seem like the obvious choice. However, depending on the carpet, vacuuming can actually cause damage, shedding and a damaged texture. Instead of vacuuming, try to use a carpet sweeper or a lint roller (especially where pets have been) instead. If you remove the head of your vacuum, it will also allow your machine to vacuum your carpet in a more gentle, safe manner.

Deep Clean your Carpet

No matter how clean the surface of your carpet is, you will still need to deep clean every now and then. If you have a busy household with children and pets, it’s recommended to deep clean your carpet every three months. If your household is quieter, you can probably get away with stretching it to six months. To properly deep clean your space, you should remove all the objects that are in the way of your carpet. Afterwards, you should use a carpet shampooer all over any carpeted areas in your home. Once this has been finished, redo the process again but with a tank of water. Leave the room to dry overnight, and you will wake up to a freshly cleaned, beautiful smelling carpet.