The Different Types of Online Slots


When a new form of gaming was created in the early 2000s, that is when internet casinos first appeared. Slot machines have been around for decades, but it was not until the 1980s that high-tech games and computer software pushed them into the twenty-first century.

New laws and regulations were introduced as a result of all of these changes, allowing for the availability of slot machines in several areas around the world. Playtech introduced the first online casinos in 1995, giving customers a simple method to enjoy their favorite games on any device they want.

It did not take long for individuals to understand how lucrative this new form of gambling might be, and several businesses soon started providing similar services to their clients. Today, players from all over the world may access hundreds of different online casinos, some of which provide classic games like roulette or blackjack. Some, though, provide more unique choices, such video poker machines or dice games.

One of the most important trends in the gambling sector in recent years has been the growth of online casinos. Today, there are hundreds of online casinos operating worldwide, serving millions of gamers. Online casinos are incredibly popular, and this popularity is only expected to rise in the next years because to their accessibility and convenience.

In 1994, Inter Casino, the first online casino, was introduced. Several additional innovative online casinos, such The Gambling Club, which was founded in 1995, came after this. Although these early casinos had simple layouts and functions, they set the way for the growth of the online casino market as it is known today.

Online casinos have seen a significant transition in the last 20 years. In contrast to today’s online casinos, early casinos could only provide a small selection of casino games. The introduction of live dealer games has also elevated the playing experience at online casinos, giving players access to a more immersive and realistic gaming environment.

Slot Machines

When Was The Electronic Slot Machine Invented

Although prior machines like Bally’s High Hand draw-poker machine had shown the fundamentals of electromechanical architecture as early as 1940, Bally created the first fully electromechanical slot machine in 1963 dubbed Money Honey.

An image of an Old slot machine

When choosing what casino games to play online, one of the popular choices is online slots. It is just like when playing in land-based casinos where slot machines are among the most popular choices of many people. If you have decided to start playing online slots after reading lots of reviews stating that they are straightforward to play and offer high jackpot payouts and bonuses. Online slots are quite easy to understand and play. However, it is still great if you can try it out first or practice a few times before you wager some real money. There are many online casinos out there where you can slotmaschinen kostenlos spielen (play slot machines for free). This way, you can choose what online slot machine is perfect for you.

In addition to that, it is also very important to familiarize yourself with the different types of online slots, as this will also help you pick which one to play based on your needs, preferences, and bankroll. Also, to make the most out of your game, you need to find a slot demo game that has the right combination of theme and features. To help you, here are some of the different types of online slots.

1. Classic Slots

These online slot games are also known as three-reel slots. They are single-line slot machines that are the simplest among the different types. Some also refer to this slot game as one-armed bandits, which originated from the traditional mechanical slot machines found in land-based casinos, featuring a level that players need to pull to make a spin.

Classic online slots are perfect for new players who are trying their luck in the online casino world. Aside from being simple to play, these slot games are very enjoyable, too. They have different symbols and basic rules that anyone can easily understand. It also usually comes with generous and progressive jackpots. You will win the jackpot once you land on three similar symbols.

A lot of players are into playing classic slots as they are faster to play than the others. The variance of classic slots is also very high. This means players can win big or risk losing everything fast. The hindrance of three-reel slot games before was that the low number of reels meant a decreased number of possible combinations.

2. Five-Reel Slots

Five-reel slots are also called video slots. These games do not have levers or mechanical reels as they are digital, which made them more popular online. They are an advancement of the classic machines. They are also considered the most common among the best online casinos.

These online slot games have gained immense popularity, with the maximum number of coins varying between one or more for a prize line. These online slots also have very attractive graphics, sounds, and videos that entice both new and experienced casino players. One of the best things about a five-reel slot game is that it has more paylines, which can increase your odds of winning. Your bets can also last longer, and most of them come with higher jackpots.

different slot machines in a casino

3. Online Slots with Multiple Paylines

Traditional slot games only have a single horizontal payline at the center, while other slots feature multiple combinations of paylines. Three-reel slots have multiple paylines that range from one and nine. However, these allow a maximum bet of three coins on machines on each line. But an online slot with multiple paylines comes with a maximum bet that is equivalent to the number of lines.

In a five-reel slot game, players can make between 20 to 25 multiple combinations, with some slots allowing up to 200 lines. The more paylines you choose, the higher your bet will be, and of course, more chances to win on each spin. However, it is also a faster way to exhaust your bankroll since they make multiple bets in a single spin.

4. Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are also very popular online. They are known as progressive jackpot slots. However, one of the downsides of this online slot game is that to be able to qualify for the progressive jackpot or the accumulated jackpot, you need to play with a maximum wager. Therefore, a greater investment is needed when playing progressive slots.

When you make a maximum wager on a progressive slot, part of your wager will go into contributing to the progressive jackpot. This means the jackpot is composed of all the bettors who play the game at that specific time. Most online casinos have indicators that show the total amount of the progressive jackpot that they have gathered with their progressive slots. These slots also come with various themes and can feature either three or five reels.

However, you need to remember that while progressive jackpots can go as high as millions, the odds of winning are low. It is similar to when you play the lottery.

5. Virtual Reality Slots

Virtual Reality or VR slots is also becoming popular in the online casino world. The idea of the designers of this type of slot game is to enable players to immerse themselves completely in virtual reality that stimulates their real lives. This way, online casino players will enjoy a more realistic experience just like they would in a land-based casino. This is quite a new technology in the online casino world, but it is a very safe bet in the short term.

6. i-Slots

i-Slots are online slot games that come with mini-games. If you are searching for a fun online slot game to play, i-Slots is a good choice. They also come with free spins and bonuses. In addition to the conventional reel slot game, there are some specific plays in this type of slot game that trigger bonus stages, offering players to play mini-games. These mini-games can help multiply their winnings.

7. 3D Slots

These are all the online casino slots that feature three-dimensional elements within the game. They are created in different ways. Most 3D slots are inspired by themes like video games, movies, pop culture, and more. You can find 3D video slots that also feature multiple paylines along with some mini-games.

These are the different types of online slots. Even though each of them has its own unique features, there are some things that you will see in all of them. These include rewarding bonus rounds, wild multipliers, sliding symbols, and free spins. Therefore, the next time you choose to play an online slot game, remember these different types so you can choose what to play better. We hope this post helped you learn more about the various types of slot games that you can play online.

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How To Play Slot Machines Online

1. Find out how slots operate. All slots adhere to the same fundamental principles, despite the apparent differences. Almost all slots have reels, symbols, and pay lines. Additionally, modern video slots incorporate unique symbols like wilds and scatter that improve gameplay, trigger bonus rounds and free spins, and award additional rewards. Here is a succinct glossary:

  • A reel is a vertical line that contains symbols. Each reel on a slot machine can hold three to five symbols, and most have three to five reels. Any graphic required to finish a pay line winning combination is referred to as a symbol.
  • Pay line – A hypothetical line that, typically, runs from left to right across the reels. You win when a certain amount of matching symbols show up on an active pay line, according to the game’s help screen.
  • A wild symbol, sometimes known as the “Joker” in slot machines, replaces other symbols to form winning combinations. For instance, if you land on an active pay line that has three Cherry symbols and a Wild, it counts as four Cherries.
  • Modern slots use special symbols called scatters. It has the unique quality of not necessitating its appearance on an active pay line in order to result in a win. It might be dispersed among the reels. Most frequently, it also initiates a bonus game.
  • A slot game’s bonus round is a mini-round that offers additional winning opportunities. It might be a straightforward “choose one of the three chests” game where the amount you win depends on your choice, a challenging multilevel alien-shooting video game simulation, or anything in between.
  • Free spins are another kind of bonus in which you receive a number of spins without having to pay for them. It occasionally includes extra elements, like extra Wild symbols, win multipliers, etc.

2. Locate a reputable online casino with lots of slots. Nowadays almost all game libraries at online casinos include slots. But there are casinos that focus exclusively on slots and provide tens of thousands of them from different producers. By categorizing the games according to themes, features, and pay lines, they also make it simple for you to locate the slot machine you desire. Check the casino’s licenses, terms and conditions, bonus policy, and Return to Player percentage to determine its dependability. You can Google casino reviews and ratings to find websites that rate casinos for both quality and dependability.

3. Browse the collection of slots and try out the demo mode. Most games at online casinos let you play for free without registering. Explore the casino, find the slot area, and engage in some of the activities. Register as soon as you find something you like and feel like playing for real money.

4. Sign up at the casino. During the typically very simple registration process, you must enter your email address as well as personal data like your postal code, birth date, and full name. Make sure the details are correct because the casino will use them to confirm your identity before disbursing the awards.

5. Choose a time slot. While it is completely up to you to choose any game that suits your particular interests, you should be mindful of RTP and Variance.

  • The term “Return to Player” (RTP) is used. This is a fictitious return on the players’ initial investment in a game. For instance, if a slot machine’s return to player (RTP) is 97%, it will pay out $97 for every $100 wagered while keeping $3 in the casino. This amount is based on the billions of spins created by all players collectively throughout the game, not just during your particular gaming session. If you were to win $1,000, it would mean that each of the other 100 competitors lost $10. The inverse is also accurate. Reputable casinos typically make this information available online. These details are also included in the game regulations for some slots.
  • Variance is essentially how frequently a slot machine pays out. Low volatility slots frequently pay out lower payouts. Contrarily, high volatility slots may not pay out for a time, but when they do, the payout is substantial. Personal choice is all that differentiates this from a similar overall RTP.

6. Play! It is time to spin now. You should not have any trouble understanding the controls in slots because they are pretty basic. It only involves adjusting your stake size, clicking the spin button, and looking at the pay table to find the highest-paying symbols and pay lines.

7. Find out when to stop. No matter how much pleasure you have in spinning the reels, you eventually have to stop. Before you start, determine your maximum bankroll, and stick to it. Establishing a win limit might also be a good idea. For instance, tell yourself to stop after you have won 20% more than your starting balance. You can save your money in this way to use it for withdrawals or your next gaming session.


In conclusion, gamers can enjoy a variety of online slot machine games. They include video, progressive, 3D, and mobile slots as well as traditional slots. While video slots may have more intricate themes, graphics, and additional features, classic slots typically have traditional symbols and a straightforward layout. Progressive slots have the potential for enormous winnings, while 3D slots provide a more immersive experience with cutting-edge graphics and animations. Finally, mobile slots provide convenient gambling on the go and are designed for play on smaller displays.