The Difference Between A Standard Home Cleaning And A Deep Cleaning Explained

Have you thought about enlisting a professional cleaning service to order a deep clean for your home? If this is the case, then don’t feel alone. Professional house cleaning services come with some useful advantages. However, if you’ve decided to make use of these services, there are some information you need to know about first. Firstly, not many people always have a clear understanding about the difference between a standard home clean or a deep clean. If you need expert professionals to handle both standard and deep cleaning, contact Bright Touch Cleaning. Keep reading this article if you are curious about the difference between the two.

Standard Cleaning

When a professional cleaning company is hired for performing standard cleaning, this can include cleaning tasks that you would normally do every week. A standard clean is done for the purpose of maintaining a specific level of cleanliness around your home. When you opt for hiring a regular clean then the Metla House Cleaning San Diego home cleaners will carry out some of the following tasks:

  • Mopping and vacuuming of your floors.
  • Tidying up the home.
  • Cleaning all bathrooms, including the toilet, mirror, bath, sink, etc.
  • Cleaning the kitchen, including wiping all surfaces and outside of appliances, taking out the trash, etc.

The tasks performed with a typical regular cleaning don’t take too long to finish. However, they are a vital part in keeping your house free from dirt, dust and other debris.

Deep Cleaning

Now that you are familiar with what the standard clean entails, it is time for discussing a deep clean. When it is your first time with hiring a professional company like D-max Carpet Cleaning, it is recommended to choose a deep clean. While this option is the more pricier of the two, it is necessary to perform a deep clean at least every six months or so. This type of cleaning service removes dirt and grime build-up in your house. It generally covers areas that are not usually cleaned with a standard clean.

Some of the cleaning tasks which may be done with a deep clean include:

  • Removal of soap scum and scale from taps, kitchen tiles, showerheads, bathroom tiles, etc.
  • Cleaning behind appliances like the washing machine, oven, and cutting through the grime that often builds up over time.
  • Dusting, including areas like baseboards and the doors in every room.
  • Cleaning the carpets.
  • Washing the interior windows.
  • Cleaning window frames and patio doors.
  •  Cleaning inside the oven and the glass door and more.

A deep cleaning provides you with a more thorough clean than just a standard weekly clean. This is the chief reason why it is pricier to hire professionals. It takes longer to finish and can be a daunting task for one person (you) to do by yourself.

What Kind Of Cleaning Do You Require?

In many cases, the first clean from a professional is scheduling a deep clean which can be the best move. If you are hesitant about which way to go, you can contact a professional cleaning agency and discuss the best option for you going forward.