The Cool Aunt: 8 Birthday Gifts You Can Give Your 8 Year Old Niece in 2021

Want to impress your little niece & officially earn the reputation of being the “cool aunt”? Take your pick from these 8 great gifts for 8 year old girls!

Everyone knows that there can only be one cool aunt. If you want to achieve this coveted title from your niece, then you already know that your gift game has to be on point.

In this article, we’ll go over eight great gifts for 8 year old girls that you can use to win over your niece’s affection.

1. A New Dress

What young girl doesn’t fall in love with the perfect new dress? Make sure that you have her sizing correct and know your niece’s preferences, and then find her the best new outfit for a day at school.

2. A Cool Watch

Eight years old is just around the age that girls begin to accessorize their outfits. Why not help your niece out and make her feel more grown-up by getting her a cool new watch to go with her favorite girl clothes.

3. Ballet Lessons

Many a young girl dreams of learning how to dance professionally. Instead of buying your niece some material thing, you could gift her some ballet lessons that could make her fall in love with the art of dance.

4. Friendship Bracelet

Not only is this something that your niece will love to wear, but a friendship bracelet will also help establish the connection between you too. It’s a unique accessory that she’ll be able to wear that reminds her of your love for her. Make sure to rock a matching bracelet to make her feel even more special!

5. A Purse

Similar to a watch, the gift of an accessory like a purse can make your little niece feel even more grown-up. Find out what her style is, and buy a purse to match it so that she can keep all her favorite things with her even when she’s on the go.

6. Sewing Kit

Has your niece shown an inclination towards arts and crafts? Does she seem like she has real potential with making things look pretty?

If so, then a sewing kit could inspire some serious passion in her for dress-making. Not only will this be a valuable skill later on that she could even earn money from, but it will be a productive pastime for her in the time being.

7. A Journal

As a little girl grows up, she often wrestles with many constantly-changing emotions. By writing in a journal, she can help herself by writing her thoughts down in the tough times and recalling happy memories during the good ones.

8. Books

Last but not least, if your niece is a voracious reader, continue to fuel her imagination with the gift of more fiction books to build out her book collection!

Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls

There you have it — you simply can’t go wrong with any of these gifts for 8 year old girls. Get one of these, and there’s no doubt that you’ll be well on your way towards locking up the “cool aunt” title for yourself.

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