The Best Jobs That Don’t Require Standing

The business world in recent years has been focused on creating flexible and innovative solutions for its workforce over the past decade. Several factors, including the COVID-19 outbreak, are forcing companies in the U.S. and several other countries to take a close look at working from remote locations using virtual collaboration tools that make work convenient. If you’re seeking flexible Work in Japan that doesn’t require standing for any reason whatsoever, there’s good news for you. Check out these jobs that don’t require standing.


Writing is a hard job not made for everyone. Whether you’re writing a short script for your YouTube video or an official transcript for your online bachelor’s degree program, many companies need proficient supervisors and editors to take writing to the next level. However, to be an editor, it helps to get some academic experience. For a large number of students, college admissions can be daunting, from the processes to the specific requirements needed to apply for distinct degrees. If you’re unsure where to start, you can use the services of online college counselling platforms to suggest the right courses and admission applications for educational programs.

Call Center Agent

Customer satisfaction and customer experience are two indicators businesses never leave out of their efforts. And the best part is, there’s no standing involved. For many businesses, customer service is essential to provide a better experience and support for customers. Over the years, companies have been employing customer support agents in a single location to field inbound calls and answer customer queries. As digital technologies grow, several companies are moving to the cloud, opting for one virtual call center solution after the other.

With remote call center software, businesses can employ remote employees to answer phone calls and reply to social media inquiries in real time. This can be good news for job seekers looking for convenient employment opportunities. Becoming a home call center agent or rep may not require significant educational background. With a stable internet connection and familiarity with the remote call center mobile app, you can be the right person for the job.

Delivery Driver

The prospects of the global gig economy have increased the population of remote workers globally. As of 2020, the U.S. had over 4 million people in the home workforce operating in diverse areas from real estate to automated system management. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 44 percent of U.S. companies favor both on-premise and remote operating hours. About 16 percent are entirely into remote work. All of these have implications for several other job sectors, including delivery driving. As a delivery driver, you can be moving between remote locations delivering food and several other items for the better part of your day without standing for long.

Commercial Vehicle Driver

Despite the effects of COVID-19 on the transport sector, ride-hailing services are constantly increasing in adoption worldwide. As of 2020, the global market had over 40 billion dollars in value. Experts predict it to increase by an over 10 billion dollar margin before 2021 closes. Everything being equal, the industry could cross 100 billion dollars by 2025. Therefore, you can leverage this opportunity to begin your stint as a commercial vehicle driver if you already have a car.

Creative Freelancer

Creative services are in high demand, especially in specific categories like designing. And designers or creatives may not need to pitch their designs to a creative business owner or agency. Today, several digital marketplaces have the right tools and resources for you to sell your art as a creative. Many platforms also exist where you can be a home employee for writing agencies and their clients. With such arrangements, you can be creating your best work in a standing-free environment like your home with no boss to stress you. Most of your meetings can happen via Zoom with little urgency to move from one physical space to another.