The Best Bird Watching Blogs

The digital age has made it easy to find people with common interests to you, including those who are happy to share information and tips on feeding garden wildlife.

This includes some fascinating blogs from both ornithology experts and amateur garden bird observers.

If you know where to look, there are plenty of “bloggers” who communicate their passion and experience of engaging with birds in the UK, and overseas. Who knows, reading up on the information and chat they provide could inspire you to write your own bird-related blog!

What’s A Blog?

This is simply a website or online column – written by an individual or small group – with an update in a conversational style. The emphasis is on being “chatty” rather than formal.

For example, you could write a blog about how well  mealworms for birds work in attracting bird species to your garden. You could give informal information on the virtues of live mealworms, measured against dried mealworms. Or, you could chat online about your experience of any other form of wild bird food and the visitors it attracted. Why do you feed birds in your garden and what benefits could others enjoy?

Top Bird Blogs

There are a wide variety of bird-related blogs online, including an excellent one provided by Kennedy Wild Bird Food.

It depends on your specific area of interest, and how much detail you want. We aim to keep things light and “easy to read”, but some bird bloggers write at length and in great depth.

Examples of great bird blogs

The British Birds Rarities Commission gathers detailed information on UK varieties and their survival. Its blog and news section reviews bird books as well as producing articles of relevance.

The British Trust for Ornithology provides a wealth of data for bird watchers. You can also check out a guide to bird watching as well.  Its blog covers a wide range of topics, including garden, sea, woodland and farm-related bird species.

Bird Life International is for anyone whose interest in birds crosses the globe. This organisation’s blogs, articles and news are extremely diverse.

A Life at the Shoreline by J L Copner is a great example of a more personal perspective on bird observation. It has short pieces and fabulous images gathered over ten years, by a wildlife photographer around the Atlantic coast Burren and the rural lanes of County Clare in Ireland.

Of course, no list of great bird blogs would be complete without mentioning the RSPB) which draws together an amazing variety of insights.

Keep checking back on this website too, for regular blogs offering tips, insights and news related to feeding wildlife in and around your garden.