The Best Bird Watching Blogs

The digital age has made it easy to find people with common interests to you, including those who are happy to share information and tips on feeding garden wildlife.

This includes some fascinating blogs from both ornithology experts and amateur garden bird observers.

If you know where to look, there are plenty of “bloggers” who communicate their passion and experience of engaging with birds in the UK, and overseas. Who knows, reading up on the information and chat they provide could inspire you to write your own bird-related blog!

What’s A Blog?

This is simply a website or online column – written by an individual or small group – with an update in a conversational style. The emphasis is on being “chatty” rather than formal.

For example, you could write a blog about how well  mealworms for birds work in attracting bird species to your garden. You could give informal information on the virtues of live mealworms, measured against dried mealworms. Or, you could chat online about your experience of any other form of wild bird food and the visitors it attracted. Why do you feed birds in your garden and what benefits could others enjoy?

Top Bird Blogs

There are a wide variety of bird-related blogs online, including an excellent one provided by Kennedy Wild Bird Food.

It depends on your specific area of interest, and how much detail you want. We aim to keep things light and “easy to read”, but some bird bloggers write at length and in great depth.

Examples of great bird blogs

The British Birds Rarities Commission gathers detailed information on UK varieties and their survival. Its blog and news section reviews bird books as well as producing articles of relevance.

The British Trust for Ornithology provides a wealth of data for bird watchers. You can also check out a guide to bird watching as well.  Its blog covers a wide range of topics, including garden, sea, woodland and farm-related bird species.

Bird Life International is for anyone whose interest in birds crosses the globe. This organisation’s blogs, articles and news are extremely diverse.

A Life at the Shoreline by J L Copner is a great example of a more personal perspective on bird observation. It has short pieces and fabulous images gathered over ten years, by a wildlife photographer around the Atlantic coast Burren and the rural lanes of County Clare in Ireland.

Of course, no list of great bird blogs would be complete without mentioning the RSPB) which draws together an amazing variety of insights.

Keep checking back on this website too, for regular blogs offering tips, insights and news related to feeding wildlife in and around your garden.

Best Bird-Watching Blogs

1. All About Birds

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The Cornell Lab of Ornithology maintains a wonderful website that covers everything there is to know about birding.  If you want to improve your knowledge of birding by reading articles written from a scientific standpoint, you should come here. This is the place to go.  Additionally, the website features live webcams that are located in various nesting areas around the world. In the section titled “Bird Academy,” they also provide online courses, one of which is a free introduction to the subject.

2. Audubon

The Audubon Society is a conservation organization with a focus on education as well as preservation.  Their website is packed with information that has been carefully researched and written, as well as stunning visuals and opportunities to contribute to causes that are important to the reader.  Find out about different species of birds, different types of viewing equipment, and how to attract birds to your backyard, or get some pointers on how to advance to the next level of your hobby.  The website also features do-it-yourself craft projects that you can use to make your own birdhouses and bird feeders.

3. Surfbirds

A group of friends from the United States and the United Kingdom established this international birding sanctuary. The sanctuary is located in the United States.  It is crammed to the brim with enlightening articles, advice for traveling to see birds, educational materials, an art gallery, and breathtaking photography.  You can also acquire knowledge regarding the insects, mammals, and reptiles that live in the wild.

4. Ornithology

A scholarly weblog authored by the ornithologist and professor Dr. Roger Lederer.  He is the author of several books on birding, and each post on his blog is jam-packed with information that any person with an interest in birds will find valuable, be it scientific, passionate, or otherwise.  This website also has a lot of information about different species of birds, as well as gear, feeders, books, and other things related to bird rehabilitation.

5. Bird Watching HQ

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Articles that are entertaining as well as educational on the subject of bird watching in your backyard and luring birds to your property.  The proprietor of the blog, Scott, has his very own live webcams installed all around his bird feeders.  In addition to providing information on the fundamentals of bird watching, including feeding, equipment, and even squirrels, this website also provides recommendations for excellent birding books and mobile applications to supplement your experience.

6. Birdchick

A website has been developed by the author and photographer known as Birdchick. Her blog posts are written in the style of a memoir, her photographs are taken with a smartphone and a spotting scope, she is the host of a fantastic podcast, and she happens to keep bees with New York Times bestselling author Neil Gaiman.

7. Animal Perspectives

A website with an eye-catching design that is uncluttered and focuses on birds at the moment.  You can find anything from general advice on birdwatching to specific information on corvids, as well as audio and video clips of various bird species.  You can sign up for their newsletter or spend some time perusing their blog to find photographs that are one of a kind and facts that are incredibly interesting.

8. BirdOculars

A blog that examines birding from every conceivable perspective, providing a satisfying amount of information.  The author, Jeff Jones, has spent the past 15 years learning how to bird watch in a backyard and how to attract specific species of birds.  In addition to that, he offers a wealth of product evaluations that can guide you toward the most useful pieces of apparatus.

9. Birdfreak

Eddie Callaway, the museum’s curator, provides an insightful look at birds from the perspective of conservation.  There is also information in Birdfreak on how to go birding with your children and dogs, which are both activities that can be challenging if you do not have the appropriate advice.

10. Bourbon, Bastards, and Birds

This blog is refreshingly quirky, and it’s a lot of fun to read because it was written by “Seagull Steve,” a lifelong birder.  Make sure you take a look at the page titled “Human Birdwatcher Project” to learn more about his initiative to increase the visibility of birdwatchers in public.

11. 10,000 Birds

This website, which is based in New York, is loaded with content, photos, travel advice, and a great deal more.  Make sure you don’t miss out on their pages on birding destinations or articles on conservation.  After that, head on over to the section labeled “Inspiration” for some suggestions on how to reignite your passion for the activity you enjoy doing in your spare time.

12.The Accidental Birder

This open and honest blog was written by a birding husband-and-wife team that has traversed the globe in search of various avian species.  Their “Birding Trips” link provides access to a vast treasury of articles detailing their many adventures birdwatching all over the world, complete with high-quality still images and moving footage.

13. Out There with the Birds

Bird Watcher’s Digest is responsible for compiling and publishing this extensive and enlightening assortment of podcasts and blog entries.  In addition to articles covering every conceivable aspect of birding, it provides a link to a free electronic newsletter published by Bird Watcher’s Digest.

14. Because Birds

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A destination frequently visited by novice ornithologists.  It includes guides to help you stay organized while you learn about your new hobby, reviews of gear, apps, and movies, and even a page with gift ideas for the bird lover in your life. If you are interested in learning more about birds, you should check out this website.

15. The Zen Birdfeeder

The birdwatcher Nancy Castillo is the author of The Zen Birdfeeder, which was written with the philosophy of “Attention, Acceptance, and Responsibility.”  Her novel point of view infuses the practice of birdwatching with elements of mindfulness and philosophy.