The basic skills of boxing

The basic aim of boxing is to knock down your opponent making him not able to stand again until and unless the referee counts up till ten. The other way through which you can win in boxing is through achieving scores. Other than that there are several rules of boxing also which include that you cannot hit below the belt, trip, kick, head butt, or punch your opponent. The other rule is that you cannot hit with your shoulders, head, elbow, and forearms. The third rule is that you cannot hit your opponent through open gloves, inside from your gloves, backhand, through your wrist, or by using the side of your hands. Being a woman I would recommend every other girl to take part in boxing or wrestling because it’s very much important for your self-defense. Boxing teaches you a lot about self-discipline and other important aspects of life like you can have control over your anger and your emotions. So, if you want to join boxing classes first of all you need to get a suitable outfit for your workout which should be comfortable enough and should also be durable. Elite sports offers you workout Gi which are best for your boxing sessions. Elite sportswomen BJJ-gis are available at cheap and affordable prices with the best quality.

Which is the most explosive punch in boxing?

The most explosive punch used in boxing is the long right hook with the palm down. When a boxer makes a strong downward angle it may increase the power of their punch. Similarly, hooks with the palm down at horizontal position are more powerful than vertically fist hooks by the thumb facing at the top.

Different skills used in boxing

The beginners are first of all taught to fight at a distance because if they fight at a closer distance their opponent can hit them more. So there are various techniques which you can adopt to win in combat.

Attacking and defensive techniques.

First of all in boxing you need to learn about how to attack your opponent and how to defend yourself, as these skills are very much important to learn. Boxers should learn how to throw a punch on their opponent without losing balance. To learn this technique you should better be able to learn about basic and important skills of boxing that how you have to deliver an explosive punch, so for that, you have to stand at the side of your opponent and now deliver the punch with your strong punching hand ( either it can be your left hand or right ). Your feet should be apart from each other with shoulders widened apart. Now turn both of your feet and they should be making up the angel of 45 degrees, be sure that your weight should be distributed uniformly. Now bend your legs a bit but your back should be straight, lift your toes off the ground but not more than 3 inches, tuck your elbow closer, and raise your forearms. Your left-hand should be

Out at shoulders height, keep it far away in order to attack quickly but close enough to get back for self-defense.likewise right-hand gloves should be kept underneath your chin.

The important rule of boxing

Good footwork will enable a boxer to maintain equilibrium and prevent him from falling during combat. So you also need to learn boxing skills too. For that, you have to learn that you have to keep the weight on both of your feet, to maintain a good balance our feet should be apart from each other. Always move your feet in that direction where you want to move at first, never try to cross your feet. If you want to improve your footwork then you have to work on your speed first which can be achieved if you have good fitness. You can make yourself fit by skipping a rope even, by doing a brisk walk or by cycling.

Punching techniques

You should also learn how and where you have to punch. In boxing your punching speed matters also. There are 4 main punches which include jab, cross, hook, and uppercut.

So these are basic and important boxing techniques which you should learn if you are a beginner. These skills help you a lot in self-defense and attack learning. So first focus on learning and then start enjoying boxing sessions.