The 5 Best Mattresses To Sleep Like A Baby

A good night’s sleep is what sets your tone for the day to come. So having a restful sleep daily is a crucial investment that keeps compounding to return us with a long, healthy, and fulfilling life.

Since it can affect your mood, weight, and hormone levels, sleep is the most significant contributor to your health.

Just as the type of shoes you wear while running has a bearing on the quality of the run and comfort, the mattress you lie on while sleeping has a bearing on the quality of sleep you have.

Having a mattress that provides optimum rest is an absolute necessity. After all, your mattress is the only thing that will always have your back at the end of the day.

However, buying a new mattress in a box is as tiring as making you want to have a nap even thinking about it. Unlike sleep, buying a mattress is an immediate and sizable investment that will last you for at least a couple of years. Hence, we want you to have an in-depth knowledge of the types of mattresses and their price ranges so that you feel comfortable making a purchase of your source of comfort for the near future.

This article will prevent you from getting scammed by the salesmen whose intentions are to sell you the most expensive mattress possible.

This article will eliminate your worry and have you sleeping like a baby even before you buy a mattress. Here are the five best mattresses that will make you feel like sleeping on cloud nine.

1. Memory Foam Mattresses

Who would have thought that NASA sleeping tech will be available for use by the general public?

NASA invented the Memory foam mattress in the year 1966 to improve the safety of aircraft cushions. As the name suggests, these mattresses mold around your body by responding to the heat and pressure, and when the pressure is removed, it retains its shape.

This mattress has gained popularity because they literally let you ‘sink in bed.’ As reported by WebMD, the extra softness in these mattresses provide much-needed relief to your aching joints. In addition, the National Sleep Foundation claims that Memory Foam Mattresses help people with back pain sleep better.

Our Two Cents: Memory Foam Mattress are a boon for side sleepers because of their support. Though being resistant to dust is an added advantage, Memory Foam Mattresses absorb a lot of heat, thus making them unsuitable for regions with warmer climates.

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2. Innerspring Mattresses

The innerspring mattresses are the most sold since they have been around since the early 1900s. As the name suggests, these mattresses are made up of steel coils compressed when weight is applied. As the springs provide internal support to the mattress, the higher the coils, the better the quality of support and sleep.

The springs can either be fitted in a connected arrangement or an individual arrangement.

Innerspring mattresses have been in the market since the early 1900s, making them one of the most commonly sold types. These are made of steel coils that compress when weight is applied. These steel coils provide internal support to the mattress; more coils would mean a much better support system and higher sleep quality. These coils can be arranged in two ways, connected and individual. The connected spring option makes sense only when you sleep alone. If you share a bed with someone, get an individual spring mattress to prevent waking up every time someone else moves in your bed. Over the years, innerspring mattresses are losing their popularity due to the squeaking noises these mattresses start to make a few years down the road.

Our Two Cents: These mattresses are a perfect match for students and people who often rent for a short period of time and don’t have too much money to spare on a mattress, to begin with. These mattresses are firm and readily available everywhere.

3. Gel Mattress

Though manufactured in 2006, Gel-infused Mattresses failed to gain popularity till 2011. This third-generation mattress is a fusion of gel and memory foam. Once Gel Mattresses became popular, they were quick to take over the Memory Foam Mattress, the reason being — Gel Mattresses take away the most significant disadvantage of Memory Foam Mattresses, heat.

Our Two Cents: Gel Mattresses are a perfect pick if you plan to stay cool throughout the night.

4. Latex Mattresses

Latex Mattresses are the perfect option for those who are environmentally conscious. Knowing that your latex mattress is made entirely out of natural materials helps you indulge in sleep without regrets. Latex Mattresses are also popular due to their durability and comfortability. The latex used to make these mattresses is extracted from a rubber plant, and the manufacturing is done without the use of unnecessary chemicals, making them biodegradable. Just like the Memory Foam Mattresses, latex mattresses too provide the feeling of ‘sinking in.’

They also enjoy an extensive customer base due to their comfortable and durable nature. Like the memory foam, they also give that “sinking in” sensation and quickly bounce back. These mattresses are made from latex, which is extracted from a rubber plant. Not a lot of chemicals are used in their making, which also makes them biodegradable.

Our Two Cents: Latex Mattresses are the perfect option for those who will compromise neither on comfort nor on sustainability.  

5. Hybrid Mattresses

As the name goes, hybrid mattresses provide you with the best of both worlds. These consist of steel coils which are either connected or individual, and memory foam or latex for softness. Thus hybrid mattresses provide you with the sturdiness of the steel coils and the softness of the foam or latex. A perfect example of the amalgamation of all things good, Hybrid Mattresses, by far, has the most worthy return on investment.

Our Two Cents: The Hybrid Mattress has the firmness of the coils, bounce of the coils, and the antimicrobial features of the latex. Sure it is an expensive option, but relatively underpriced as it offers the comfort of three mattresses in one. So get a Hybrid or ‘HighBreed’ Mattress as we like to call it, and watch it last you a lifetime.