The 10 Best Ski Movies For Socially Distancing Snow-Lovers

With COVID-19 restrictions still in some places, it has become mandatory to maintain self-isolation to stay safe. In this new normal situation, what can be better than binge-watching your favorite ski movies? Like Netflix or Amazon Prime movies, ski movies are great to watch at any time of the year. Sky Movies have made their mark on the snow-loving hearts.=

Whether you want some inspiration for your next ski trip after the COVID restrictions are over or want some guidance for a trip on the slope, Snow Gaper has some awesome movie suggestions to tickle your fancy. For now, let’s talk about the top ten ski movies you should definitely watch. Check out this list of the greatest skiing films

1. Make Believe (2020)

This movie depicts the story of the most professional snowboarders and skiers in the world. The cinematography is impressive, the action is excellent, and it will give you a real thrill. You can’t skip the brilliant soundtrack. If you love riding or skiing, you will be ready for a trip right after the movie ends.

The story is a collection of segments having a common thread. The movie revolves around athletes who turn their dreams into reality.

2. Into The Mind (2013)

It is a timeless movie that talks about an almost spiritual journey of the athletes and the riders.  This movie is a journey of failure, success, and the athletes risking their lives to conquer the mountains!

An unnamed athlete’s story out on the journey of hope and despair is highly relatable to the snow lovers. Some of the segments are beautiful yet terrifying at the same time.

3. K2: The Impossible Descent (2020)

The story of Andrzej Bargielg will give you goosebumps. On his solo expedition to the summit – without an oxygen cylinder- Bargiel spent more than seven hours while getting down from an 8, 611m peak. His incredible journey is a must-watch. The drone, driven by Bartek (Andrzej Bargielg’s brother), has been prominently featured in the film.

4. All In ( 2018)

This movie is about a group of passionate people who eat, breathe and live for skiing. The movie is packed with high-action ski segments, engaging humor, and visually stunning imagery.

All In proves that you don’t have to visit halfway across the globe to have a skiing adventure. Exploring the terrain outside your back door with your best friend is enough.

5. Blizzard of Aahhh’s (1988)

This movie is Greg Stump’s one of the best ski movies of all time. This movie inspired a generation of skiers and popularized the “extreme” skiing concept. Even today, the film remains the benchmark and has ignited the freeskiing movement.

6. The Art of Flight (2011)

If you want to watch a story of the best snowboarder and his friends with awesome cinematography, watch The Art Of Flight. The film is all about shredding Alaskan spines while enjoying with friends.

7. Passenger (2016)

If you think winter is the only season that matters because skiing is your life’s pursuit, this movie is made for you! From North America to Europe to Japan, this movie highlights the best skiing experiences.

8. Few Words (2012)

This award-winning documentary tells the story of Candide Thovex, one of the world’s best skiers. You can expect some impressive footage of the majestic slopes and mountains. The scenes become more appealing when you spot a tiny skier moving gracefully at a dangerous speed. It will inspire you to hit the mountains.

9. Afterglow (2014)

From the cinematographer’s depth, creative visuals to the shoot, Afterglow‘s unique scale has a lot to offer. The entire movie is filmed at night with custom-made LED suits and massive lights. The major attractions of this movie are the atomic skis.

10. Days Of My Youth (2014)

This film features some of the most progressive skiers in the world. The pro skier life seems to be the most glamorous thing in the world, but there’s a lot to endure.” Days Of My Youth will surely take you back to the days when you tried skiing for the first time.


Sometimes, you need to feel the thrill of doing what you love! But these movies will inspire you to plan your next snowboarding trip when the pandemic restrictions are over. These films will ignite your snowboarding passion, provide some valuable skiing insights and even inform you about some common mistakes people make while trying to conquer the summits.