That Oh-no Feeling When a Dog Eats Everything Is Relatable! Let’s Unravel a Few Insights Regarding This

When you frequently encounter your dog sinking its teeth into anything around him, you feel confused and wonder what’s going on. Puppies usually gnaw on toys, shoes, and other items because of teething problems. Adult dogs can do this out of stress or boredom. However, this needs deeper investigation to understand the reason behind such dog behavior so that you find a proper solution. To be curious about this is good. Some pet owners assume it to be a phase in a dog’s life, and others link it with specific breeds’ habits. No matter what, monitoring the length of such a stage and protecting your furniture and his health should be emphasized. It will help you take appropriate steps.

Generally, the dogs’ activity levels, age, and energetic nature play a critical role in this. At the same time, chewing is their intuitive nature, allowing them to navigate the surroundings with their mouth. Nevertheless, refrain from entertaining this habit. As a first step, manage the household items to make them off-limit for your pet. Let’s figure out other aspects also.

Understand the cause behind such dog behavior

If you want to know how to stop dogs from eating everything, follow your dog’s activity to determine a solution. Suppose you went out for a few hours only to discover on returning that your furry pal ripped into the fluffy couch cushions filled with white cotton. An adventurous and curious dog can do this. So, please be careful before adding anything that can tempt them. However, some can scratch sunglasses, cords, and shoes with their teeth. They are less dramatic varieties. Whether you have adventurous or mostly calmer pets at home, one thing is clear: they don’t see these material things as you do. It’s more about their current mood and the working of the nose. But the repetitive demonstration of destructive behavior needs your intervention.

If your dog eats sand, toys, shoes, socks, and others, it is either stressed or depressed. There is a specific terminology for this called pica. It’s a type of disorder. You can help your pet friend by providing enough physical and mental stimulation. Also, medical checkups can come in handy in detecting any underlying health issue, such as metabolic or digestive conditions. They can indulge in non-food items due to nutrient deficiency as well. Nonetheless, you also want to get them to overcome this because of the risk of ingesting a foreign object that can harm their gastrointestinal tract, requiring surgery.

Manage your dog’s eating everything state

While medical assistance is critical, you can also tweak your approach to managing your pet. Focus on what you want your doggy to do and avoid making gestures that seemingly reward the unacceptable behavior. Whenever the dog does a desirable thing, reward it consistently. For example, offer your dog a safe, chewy item to distract their attention from an unsafe option. Make your dog exercise well to help it consume its energy positively.

Parenting a dog or any other animal can keep you on your toes all the time. But the end feeling when you see them grow into an obedient and well-rounded personality can be enormously gratifying.