Ten Effective Time Management Techniques

Managing one’s time to be the most productive version of yourself is a daunting task. More than often, we are left chasing a clock that seems to be winged. In a world functioning at the speed of light, the only option we have is to either accept our defeat in the race against time or to run along with it, if not faster.

In this article, we will go over effective time management techniques that one can apply to increase their productivity and achieve all their goals.

Know and organize yourself

Before you can manage your time, you need to know yourself. Often, people lack enough knowledge about their own selves and make excuses for their shortcomings. Only once we know our weaknesses and strengths can we work on unlocking our best abilities. This starts a ripple effect, which ultimately helps us get more organized with our lives.

How to self-organize is a question that prompts up a lot, and the simple answer to know yourself. Management starts at home, and in this case, home is within us.

Be clear about your priorities

Knowing your priorities is important because that knowledge helps you manage your time efficiently. Your priorities can often contradict what appears on the surface as important. It is crucial to differentiate between what is important and what seems to be important. Knowing the difference can help one manage the time they allocate to each priority.

Have realistic goals

Target goals that are realistic. If you want to finish your entire day’s chores in an hour, it is never going to be possible. Assess every task closely and know how much time, at the very least, is required to fulfill it. Your goals can include anything that you want to achieve over a short period of time or longer.

Once you end up unlocking a goal, take time to see how successful you have been in accomplishing it and what did it cost you. Was it worth the time? This approach will help you make more realistic goals and stick to the ones that are worthy of your effort and time.

Do not overthink

Overthinking ends up consuming a lot of precious time. This wasted time haunts one later on as too many important tasks remain pending while one had spent their time procrastinating. Our brains are a world of their own. The more we keep thinking about all the possible happenings concerning an event, the more our brain entangles us. Thus it is our job to train our minds not to spend too much time thinking about anything, and instead, get our jobs done.

The only important thing about a task should be to get started on it, not to waste time thinking how to do it or deciding if one should even do it.

Keep time for leisure activities

Leisure activities always end up being the reason one cannot manage their time. They tend to distract us from our goals and never really allow us to manage our time in the most effective manner possible. Thus if we can fix a selected time for our favorite spare time activity that helps us relax and recharge us, we can better manage our time. You can use this proven-effective day planner template to make sure you’ll manage your time well.

Do one thing at one time

Quite often, it is observable that people try to tackle their busy schedules by doing many things at the same time. This is the wrong approach. Multi-tasking often ruins your plans, and the result is never satisfactory. Focusing on one thing at one time will help you do that task in the best way possible, and you get satisfied with your performance. This helps boost your self-confidence, and you can be more productive for your next task.

Doing two things simultaneously will probably ruin both, and you will most often end up depressed and unsatisfied.

Have enough time to relax

We understand that work is always important, but we want you to realize that work without enough rest will burn you out quickly. Our bodies and brains need to get adequate sleep, food, and exercise to function properly. One of the critical time management techniques is to take enough rest so that you feel rejuvenated for the next day.

Fatigue can cause lag, and this lag affects everything. Your productivity at your job decreases, your social relations start to get strained, and in all, you end up losing peace of mind, thus having proper rest is a must.

Early to bed, early to rise

Starting your day early allows you to do important tasks that most people in this day and age skip. This will enable you to be a step ahead of your contemporaries. But to start your day early, you have to finish it early as well. Stop using your social media accounts late at night and sleep before midnight. The better you sleep, the fresher you wake up. Waking up early will give you an extra two hours to go on about things at your own pace.

Stop listening to everyone around you

Be decisive in what you want to do. People will give you all sorts of unwanted advice. Get over it. No one wants you to be the best of yourself. It is high time you chose things for yourself without ever worrying about what the world says. This saves up a lot of time. The more opinions and advice you take, the more time you end up wasting. So start today and start strong. Believe in your own abilities and prove everyone otherwise.

Take care of your health

Eat well and exercise enough. The less you get sick, the less time gets wasted in bed, waiting to be recover so you can start again. Often, we overwork ourselves and get sick. Overworking at the cost of your health is useless, as this will not allow consistency in your productivity. Go for routine medical checkups, follow your doctor’s advice about the best diet for you, drink enough water, and never be complacent about your health.


How to self-organize is one of the questions that troubles us all the time. As humans, we can do only enough in a given time. However, we can find ways to increase our productivity in the hours that nature has allocated us in an entire day’s length.

We hope that this article will help you find the best strategy for managing the time you have at your hands. Time is precious and ruthless. To be successful, you have to apply the best time management techniques in your life.