Bill Consolidation: What is it &How it Works

Bill Consolidation What is it &How it Works

If you have several debts that you are working to pay down but find yourself scrambling to make sure you don’t miss anything, a bill consolidation loan and app can help. However, it is important that you note the amount that you are transferring and avoid taking on additional small debts while … Read more

In Dire Need of Money? Here’s What You Can Do

In Dire Need of Money

When in a bind or an emergency, not having enough money or savings can be daunting. It can add to the stress of an already stressful situation and may cause you to panic. However, don’t fret! There are numerous ways to get money in a bind. Even if you aren’t in a … Read more

8 Habits Costing You Tons of Money

8 Habits Costing You Tons of Money

If your money keeps running out without saving any amount, the chances are high that you’ve developed costly bad habits. We all have bad habits that cost us a lot of money, and we need to tame them to improve savings. So, what are your bad financial habits? In this guide, we’ll … Read more

5 Simple Tips On How To Save Money This Summer

Restructuring your budget is always a good thing to do, yet in some instances, you may need to cut down on how much you spend to make space for something that is more important. Summer is a season when many people spend a lot more. Between the warm weather celebrations and the … Read more

How To Deal With Situations Where You ‘Need Money Now’

Cash emergencies can happen with anyone and at any time. To make things worse, most of such situations occur when you least expect them. What’s more, they may be completely unavoidable! What if you have a sick child, an out-of-order washer or a leaking roof? Of course, you can neither delay nor … Read more

Finance System that Makes “Cents”

Budget Spreadsheet1

Creating a Finance System for Your Home The key to staying in control of your finances in your home is a plan.  The plan doesn’t have to be elaborate or time-consuming – in fact, the simpler, the better.  The first thing to do is determine how much discretionary funding you have each … Read more