Things You Can Do To Alleviate Hair Loss

Things You Can Do To Alleviate Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the common problems men and women experience worldwide. It can be prompted by many things, from medical conditions and treatments such as chemotherapy to hormonal changes. Hair loss experiences differ from one person to another. While some people experience sudden hair loosening and patches of baldness all … Read more

5 Common Causes for Hair Loss in Teenagers

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People, usually women, put a lot of effort into making their hair look good. They visit salons to get stylish haircuts and hair colors. However, there are times when issues on our hair arise, and they are quite disturbing. One of those is losing hair. When it happens, no matter what your … Read more

Essential Oils Women Can Use to Slow Hair Loss

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Hair loss can affect anyone, and it’s a problem for both men and women. It can be a problematic issue that can affect self-confidence. For men, the more common hair loss condition is male pattern baldness, where the stem cells in the scalp lose the potential to create hair follicles. For women, … Read more

More On Diagnosis And Treatment For Hair Loss

Before a doctor makes a diagnosis, he will most likely first give you a physical examination and obtain more information about your family history and medical history. He might perform tests that may include: Blood test– to help uncover medical conditions that may be related to hair loss. Pull test– the physician … Read more