Songs to Celebrate Childhood

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Childhood is a time full of innocence, curiosity, and playful wonder. It is also something that you never really cherish until you suddenly find yourself applying for jobs in various places. As they say, good times pass quickly. This definitely holds true for childhood, even if as a child you might have … Read more

Growing Up Seems So Hard and Songs That Can Help

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Ever since we were able to think, we have been looking towards the future. We imagine what our job would be, what we look like, and the type of person we want to become. Without even knowing it, we already set expectations on ourselves at a very young age because everything seems … Read more

50 Songs from Parent to Child

Best Songs from Parent to Child

The love of a parent for a child is like a seed. It starts with the anticipation of the birth and continues to develop and become stronger over the years. Becoming a parent involves a metamorphosis, where self-interest takes precedence over the unconditional dedication and selfless love. Once you have become a … Read more