Adventure Movies Featuring Women

cover of the film ‘Wildlike’ that was released in 2015.

Until recently, movies in the adventure genre that would feature women as the main leads were quite uncommon and sometimes difficult to find. Only in the last decade and a half has the push for more diversification and inclusion in Hollywood finally led to a sizeable selection of adventure films that star … Read more

Best Classic Songs to Play at the Beach

Best Classic Songs to Play at the Beach

The summer brings one of life’s greatest pleasures: a perfect weather to enjoy the beach. And what’s a great combo with any summer activity? A classic summertime playlist. Ditch your new songs for a while and try listening to these epic tunes that defined “party.” Whether you’re on your epic road trip … Read more

Keeping kids busy

Kid’s Room

Here are ideas for keeping kids busy while you need to get things done around the house.  None of them will make a mess, and most can be done with items you have around the house already. Magnets: make magnets for kids so that they can play with them while you are … Read more