Is Your Child Getting the Most Out of Their Daycare?

Interior Of A Modern Kindergarten Classroom

Is your child’s preschool providing everything your child needs for a healthy start in their life? According to 2000 Days Daycare, there are key signs to look for to know that your child is getting the most out of their childcare experience. These signs are explored below. 1. Their childcare center provides … Read more

Can Daycare Help Your Child Learn?

pre-school stepping stones

Almost three-quarters of all Canadian children attend some form of childcare, usually because both parents work outside the home. Some parents send their children into a daycare setting to improve their child’s development. But does daycare really help children learn? Below, we pose some of the common questions about child care and … Read more

7 Warning Signs for Daycare

Child boy learning with colorful clays while locked down because pandemic

Is it time to send your little one off to daycare or find a new childcare center after a negative experience? Use a little caution when looking for the right place for your child. Watch out for signs of problems and listen to your gut. Below are seven warning signs for childcare … Read more