6 Things You Need for Your Strawberry Themed Birthday Party

6 Things You Need for Your Strawberry Themed Birthday Party

Everybody loves strawberries — strawberry ice cream, strawberry cake, strawberry shortcakes, strawberry jam and a lot more. Kids especially love strawberries because they taste sweet and look appetizing to eat. If you’re planning to have a strawberry themed birthday party for your child (or yourself), There are 6 essential items that you … Read more

How To Throw a 90th Birthday Party?

How To Throw a 90th Birthday Party

Turning 90th is a major achievement for anybody and 90th birthday is such a prominent milestone that deserves to be celebrated with full charm. To enhance the overall charm of the event you should be focusing on a more magnificent party’s theme and creating 90th birthday party invitations will highly be appreciated. … Read more

Song Ideas for Adult Birthday Parties and Slideshows

Birthday candles

Birthday parties will not be complete without any music because it is something that gives life to the event and adds enjoyment to the people attending the party. It is also important if you’re planning to create a slideshow for the birthday celebrant. One challenging part of creating slideshows is choosing the … Read more

Tips for Hosting a Kid’s Gaming Party

Hosting your kid’s birthday party – particularly a party that carries a certain theme – may present some challenges. But it will be all worth it especially when you see your little birthday celebrant and their little guests having a blast! Gaming parties aren’t just restricted to classic arcade games; they can … Read more

Dr. Seuss Party

Dr. Seuss Party

Most all young kids love Dr. Seuss books, so this year why not consider a Dr. Seuss theme for their birthday!  These ideas could also be used in classrooms for Dr. Seuss’ birthday celebrations at schools. First, you can easily make an awesome Thing 1 and Thing 2 cutout.  It will be a huge hit with the kids … Read more