Summer Camps That Teach Kids About Money

Do you remember going to summer camp as a kid? If your camp was like most, you spent time hiking, canoeing, playing games, and doing arts and crafts. Today’s summer camps are very different. In fact, there are summer camps that meet every type of interest that a kid may have.

In fact, there are even summer camps to help kids learn about money. Many of these camps make the courses fun and involve games and competitions to keep kids engaged. Campers learn about saving, budgeting, investments, entrepreneurship and more. In fact, they could even grow up to be a high level tax advisor at a firm like Asena Advisors.

Below are a few of the best summer camps to teach your kids about money.

Wealth Habits Summer Camp

These in-person camps are held each summer in various cities in Georgia and North Carolina. These camps are focused on general financial wellness and money management, and they use fun games to teach kids about income, taxes, saving, spending, and investing. The camp also offers online versions for those who can’t make it to Georgia to attend in person.

Pizza Money Camp

This four-week camp is online, so kids can attend no matter where they live. It follows a defined path with different topics each week. The first week is about choosing a career and earning money. That’s followed by a week on saving and investing. The third week is about budgeting and spending, and finally the last week is about giving to charity and supporting a family.

Financial Planning Academy

This camp is specifically designed for high schoolers who want to get into the financial services industry as a career. It’s an in-person camp based in Athens, Georgia. Campers work in teams on a financial planning case study and develop a financial plan for hypothetical clients. They participate in competitions for scholarships and other prizes. Campers also learn about becoming a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) as a career.

Wall Street 101

This camp held in Waltham, Massachusetts is meant for those kids who have a keen interest in the investment industry. Classes are led by senior executives in the investment industry. Campers will participate in simulated trading exercises, creating a portfolio of securities, and the camp ends with a formal presentation of their portfolio along with analysis of a company. This is an in-depth camp for those who have a deep interest in investments.

FICACAMPS Young Investors Wall Street Summer Camps

These camps are held throughout the United States and are held for kids ages 8 – 19. They vary in length and in topics. Some are as short as one week while others are up to five weeks long. These camps focus on a wide range of topics including saving and budgeting, entrepreneurship, investing, and more. There are many different camps so you may want to explore them and see what interests your child most.

Camp Millionaire

Just as the name suggests, this camp is all about getting rich. Held in three different cities throughout the country, this in-person camp covers every step in the wealth creation process, from earning income to savings to investing to business ownership. This camp can be pricey but they offer scholarships and grants for some kids to attend.

Young American’s Financial Summer Camps

These in-person camps are held throughout the summer in Colorado. This camp is highly focused on entrepreneurship, with campers generating business ideas and creating business plans. Other topics include investing, wealth management, and charitable giving.

Moolah U’s Kid Business Camp

This fun entrepreneurship camp teaches kids how to create and run a business, but with a fun twist. During their week in Austin, campers will create an actual business and keep any money that the business makes.

At the end of the week, campers present the business to the Barracuda Tank (the camp’s version of Shark Tank). Winners receive scholarships and other fun prizes. This is truly a hands-on entrepreneurship camp.

Teen Entrepreneur Academy

This camp specifically for teens is hyperfocused on one aspect of wealth creation – business ownership. Groups of 3-4 teens develop a business idea and then spend the week creating a plan for the business.

At the end of the week, they present their business plan to judges. The winning team gets a $1,500 prize to split among the group.

Summer camp doesn’t have to be spent playing sports or sitting around the campfire. If your child has an interest in finances, investing, business, or entrepreneurship, there’s a camp out there for them. Their time at a financial camp could help them learn lifelong lessons that will put them on sound financial footing. Do some research and find the right financial camp for your child today so they can start building their fortune.