Steps to Rent a Washer and Dryer

If you are tired of the laundromat, it may be time to lease a washer and dryer. Here are the steps to rent a washer and dryer.

It’s time to say goodbye to hauling your clothes from your apartment to the laundromat. Did you know that using a laundromat costs more per load than a washer or dryer? Not only that but washing your clothes in a public place is a huge inconvenience that can sap a lot of your precious time away.

With this in mind, read on to learn how to rent a washer and dryer today!  Also learn about how to manage the laundry process to save time!

1. Find Your Laundry Area

Before you even begin considering renting a washer and dryer, you need to make sure that you have an area where they can go. Washers need certain plumbing lines while dryers will need to be hooked up to a 240-volt circuit.

If you’re a landlord considering offering your tenants washers and dryers, you’ll need to choose a community space that’s well-lit so that everyone feels safe. You can also choose to offer washers and dryers in each unit.

2. Choose the Rental Company

Next, you’ll want to find a reputable rental company. Remember that you’ll be doing business with this rental company for the longterm, so do your due diligence and read reviews along with all the fine print they offer on their website. You can Google “washer and dryer rental near me” or use the link provided to find local providers.

You’ll also want to make sure that the company you’re renting with is able to professionally install the washer and dryer too. This is because installers need knowledge of plumbing and electrical wiring in order to ensure that the washer and dryer are installed safely.

3. Inspect for Damage

Once you receive your washer and dryer, it’s important that you inspect them for damage just as you inspected your apartment before move-in. Take pictures of any scratches, bumps, dents, and other imperfections that you notice.

If you don’t properly document this damage, your landlord or the rental company may believe that you damaged the property. It’s up to you to pay for their repair if you don’t have this documentation!

4. Choose the Right Washers and Dryers

Finally, you’ll want to make sure you’re choosing the right washers and dryers, especially if you’re a homeowner or tenant. Your washer and dryer should be large enough to fit the space you have for them securely.

There’s also the important choice of whether you want to pay for front-loading washers versus top-loading washers. You’ll also want to consider whether it’s worth investing more for these rentals that have higher Energy Star ratings and can conserve energy and water better.

Rent a Washer and Dryer to Save Money

Whether you’re renting or buying, having your own washer and dryer can save you a significant amount of money per load compared to going to the laundromat. Not only that, but rent a washer and dryer to save yourself the time that you couldn’t otherwise get back!

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