Squat proof leggings in the gym

There are many brands out there to choose from when you are thinking about leggings to wear for your exercise. But if you want to do squats as part of that workout there are actually brands that specify that you can squat with leggings on and not have any issues with your leggings moving inappropriately. Right now even when there is a limit to what we can do socially, it is important to invest in time and energy on keeping ourselves healthy and strong. It is not just good for our bodies, it is good for us mentally as well. But there are certain workouts you can do better with more confidence when you are wearing the right activewear. So that you can feel sure that your leggings will not slide down, turn see-through or interrupt your squats because of discomfort, you need to invest in some great squat-proof leggings.

How are squat-proof leggings different?

When you look at regular tights or leggings and compare them to ones that promise to be squat proof there are some real differences. Here is a look at those main differences and why they are desirable.

  1. Squat-proof leggings have a very high waist. They compass your abs and give you a tightness or support around your midsection. It means as you squat they stay in place and do not show your butt!
  2. When you want to squat with leggings on, you need to know they do not become see-through as you stretch them in your workout. There are a number of different stretches and squats you can do, cross squats, deep squats, jump squats and more! Squat-proof leggings are designed to be thicker than regular leggings so no matter how much you stretch that material it does not turn see-through.
  3. Move with you as you exercise. Cheap leggings often do not move with you, and can even restrict some movement. Paying a little more for quality leggings makes a lot of sense.
  4. Allows your skin to breathe. It is important the leggings allow your muscles and skin to breathe to avoid things like muscle cramps.
  5. Squat-proof leggings are comfortable to wear as you workout. When you feel more comfortable you also are more confident and your workout goes a lot better.

Five great squat proof leggings for your workout

  1. Jaggad Activewear – Jaggad Classic High Waist ⅞ Pocket Leggings – on the higher end for price but made very well, they have pockets which are useful and that range in sizes from xs to 3xl.
  2. Adidas Essentials Linear Women’s training tights – Great to wear for a workout but also to throw on when you have some errands to run because they are so comfortable and look great. Sizes run from xs to xxl.
  3. L’Urv Swift Strides Logo Legging – high-waisted, cute pop of colour at the hem with the lilac, and a very handy key/coin pocket inside. A smaller range of sizes though, xs to xl.
  4. 2CU fitness hi-rise compression ⅞ tights – Comfortable and keep you covered no matter what stretching and squats you do. Sizes range from 2xs to 2xl.
  5. Nike Fast Women’s Full-Length Training Tights – Made from a comfortable lightweight material, you can do your squats with no fear of movement. Most limited in the size range from s to l.

Stay comfortable in the gym

There is a growing movement pushing back at the issue of sexual harassment against women in the gym. Women have the right to wear what they want to wear and to be able to do their squats in their leggings without fear of harassment. More and more gyms are opening in Australia specifically for women as a result. If you do not feel comfortable in your local gym talk to the gym manager. Put on your squat leggings and workout without fear!